Rover 414 Cuts out - yiannis
I have a '94 Rover 414 which exhibits the following problem:
Driving along when a complete loss of power occurs. Ignition remains on (and all electronic equipment works) but pressing accelerator doesn't give power. Changing down gears just slows the car faster, until eventually it comes toa halt. If you then depress the clutch or take it out of gear it will tick over apparently normally, although maybe a little rough. If you tap the accelerator the revs dip, and if you press it enough it will stall. Leaving the engine running for a while, or turning off and re-starting it straight away, doesn't cure it. It needs to be left off for a minute or two before restarting and then it's fine - will revv up and drive off.

When it is not playing silly beggars it runs well. There is usually the odd hiccup of power going off then coming back again, which warns you that it will probably soon cut out completely. The power loss is clean - not like spluttering/misfiring.

Any ideas what is causing it?!

Rover 414 Cuts out - mfarrow
It sounds like the throttle position sensor. Clean connections and clean up with some contact cleaner or IPA.
Rover 414 Cuts out - yiannis
thanks !
I will try !!
Rover 414 Cuts out - robram
I had similar problem with my 95 414. Turned out to be crankshaft sensor , approx £30 from lucas
Rover 414 Cuts out - yiannis
Thanks I will try !!
Rover 414 Cuts out - Civic8
CPS is the most likely to cause it,or possibly coil failure

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