mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - andyc2004
I have a mondeo 99(v) with the hydraulic clutch .The problem i have is the clutch pedal bites at the top of it`s stroke ,I haven`t had one like this before so i don`t know if this is ok or goosed ,if i try the old handbrake on and try first it stalls,if it was a cable i would assume it needs replacing or the csc bearing needs replacing but am not sure with this and it`s driving me cuckooPLEASE SOME ONE TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG (IF ANYTHING) .hoping to go abroad in it soon..
mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - bikemade3
My clutch ( 1.8TD Estate 1997 MK2) bites at what appears to be top of it's stroke or very near it and has done for the last 7 years that i have owned the car. However i noticed 2 weeks ago driving from Taunton to Helensborough that after a while ( 300 miles) if i put my foot down in 5th at about 2500RPM the rev counter would increase to approx 2800 stall then drop by a 100 or so., with a corresponding increase in MPH Thought that the clutch might have been slipping as it was the longest journey the car has ever done in my ownership. Pulled into service station left in for 30 min and gave it a load of throttle when pulling away in 3rd and 4th and at that engine speed there was no correlating increase in engine noise. Exactly the same thing happened on the way back down after approx 300 miles. It has since been fine, the alernator belt is 3 years old assuming RPM signal on a diesel comes from Alt speed wonder if the belt' slips slightly when the engine has been running for a protracted period.
mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - k_clifford
We've got a 1997 mondeo. The original clutch was slipping like crazy after 150000mi and we had it replaced for £400+. Now runs absolutely fine but bite point was always at the top. I guess since the clutch is hydraulic it's fine but I'm not 100% sure
mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - DP
My 2000 Mondeo mk2 (also hydraulic clutch) bites right at the top of its travel at 120,000 miles. No hint of slip though and it seems to work fine. I am assuming it's still the original clutch in the car, so must be coming towards the end of its life, but I've heard a few people say they go on like this for ages.


mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - andyc2004
Hi to all and many many thanks to the peeps who replied,It sounds then that the simptoms i described are quite normal, appently the clutch was changed at 145000 miles so it should still be ok.
mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - andyc2004
hi again, left out that the car has currently done 188000 miles.

{Shouting amended. DD}
mondeo 1999 hydraulic clutch - Micky
I don't think you can establish the condition of a Mundano clutch by pedal position and action. It's not worth replacing the clutch on a 1999 car with 188000 miles. If it does go, throw it way and put the money towards another Mundano. IMHO.

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