Road Wars - David Horn
Was watching this programme on TV last night (was on my own and bored) and was shocked at what the police let people get away with.

Perhaps the most glaring was when they recognised a car that had been used for previous robberies and pulled it over. The driver has out of his mind on heroin and desperate for another fix (last one an hour ago), and in the back they found sharps containers full of used needles and two kids. His partner had a benefits book that wasn't in her name, and the guy had apparently been to pawn his tools to buy more drugs. They let them drive on. Bravo.

Second most obvious was when they pulled over an Asian guy in a blingy BMW with front tyres worn down to the cords. He was given a warning and again, allowed to drive off. I thought that you had to be escorted to a garage or something?

So, what stops the police taking more pro-active action against people like this?
Road Wars - bedfordrl
I did not see any television last night ,so is that right that the police were not doing their job, and if not why not ?.
Maybe someone ought to ask them.
Road Wars - Wales Forester
I saw this programme last night, and I agree that the drugged up driver should have been nicked for being unfit to drive through drink or drugs.
The programme was made back in 2002 so this may explain why the car was not lifted there and then as it would be now.
The police force in question is Thames Valley.
Road Wars - mss1tw
The police force in question is Thames Valley.

Sounds about right.
Road Wars - DP
Yup, most of the thefts / chases / scumbags covered on this programme are in Slough. Not the best advert for the place, it has to be said.


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