Caterham or Westfield? - grafen
Any owners out there? Which is the better buy & why?

Wouldn't mind one as a plaything...

Cheers, grafen
Caterham or Westfield? - tr7v8
Very different cars although the look the same as at a quick glance. Go over to the Se7ens digest & you'll get '00s of different responses! The Cat is a fair bit lighter & in extremis much sharper. The Westie is more a GT car. I don't really fit in most Cats so hence built a Westie.
Caterham or Westfield? - DP
I have driven both, and the quality and finish on the Caterham is noticeably better, but you pay for it.

Don't forget too that the Caterham is the "official" current version of the original Lotus 7 design (Caterham own the rights). Dynamically, both are very impressive, but people who have taken them to the limit on tracks say the Caterham is significantly more agile.

The answer really depends on your budget, but go and drive them both and see what you think. Westfield let me have about an hour with a 1.8 Zetec engined model said to be developing "about 150 bhp" when I went for a factory tour, and I had no pressure to buy whatsoever. It was an animal of a car and I got out grinning from ear to ear.

Caterham gave me an accompanied test drive in a 1.6 K series powered Supersport. Not as fast as the Westie, but smoother and with a generally more "together" feel to it. As a rough summary, the Westie felt like a kit car, the Caterham didn't.

Enjoyed both immensely though, and I would need more time in both cars to decide whether the extra for the Caterham was worth it.

Caterham or Westfield? - jc2
Robin Hood????
Caterham or Westfield? - cheddar
Caterham or Westfield? - Harmattan
Chevron B1???
Caterham or Westfield? - grafen
Thanks for the replies. If and when I decide to buy, it will be a s/hand purchase, spending up to £10k perhaps...?
Caterham or Westfield? - Micky
You'll get more for your money with a Westfield, including heavier depreciation! Caterhams have all the historical baggage and a large number of polishers. Dynamically, neither are as developed as a Sylva Striker for £10k, or what about a Sylva Fury? Don't forget, BEC is good ;-)

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