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focus ignition coil - gadgee
The ignition coil has just failed on my 2002 1.6 Focus after 73000 miles. The engine management light came on and the engine started firing on 3 cylinders. My local garage said he was regularly replacing coils in 1.4 and 1.6 Focus's. After reading about inherent problems in Focus's, the failure of a coil was not one of them. Anyone else heard of this fault?
focus ignition coil - gadgee
Sorry - just read penelopepitstop's post about a similar problem.
focus ignition coil - gadgee
that was on July 11th by the way!!
focus ignition coil - psi
make sure it is that, i had one replaced as a point and guess, didn't fix it, i now have two good coil packs grrr....
focus ignition coil - Dry bearings
Can you 'Limp home' in that situation? I wondered if it would damage the Cat.
focus ignition coil - Screwloose

Coil failure is one of the few common faults on a Focus. Most garages have done dozens.
focus ignition coil - gadgee
Dry bearings
Yes the car could be started and driven, in fact my wife drove it to our local garage but you knew you were on three cylinders! A new coil cost £50 and was a genuine Ford part. The diagnostic test cost £25 by my local independent garage. All appears OK now. Just took it up to the rev limiter in second.
focus ignition coil - Adam {P}
I had to drive to Liverpool when my coil pack went and so far so good.

As has been said, common failing point when they get a few miles on. Mine was diagnosed my removing all the plugs and one didn't make a difference. Ran like a pig on the way there but I got no engine management light. I reached heady speeds of 30 mph and the car was not happy at all especially when most of the way was the very fast East Lancs Road!
focus ignition coil - Dry bearings
Adam you could have picked somewhere better than that to falter.Last time i was actually driving dwn there was pre M62.Driving a Leyland Comet wagon in winter and no heater.
focus ignition coil - Adam {P}
Sounds like great fun! I'm glad it chose the Lancs to break now!
focus ignition coil - Dry bearings
Thanks.If it's a common problem it could happen to me sometime as well.At least I will know what to expect.Pleased everything is ok for you now.
focus ignition coil - Adam {P}
Sorry - just to add - coil pack was £50 for me too.

I wasn't there when it was changed but from what I gather, it's just a case of reconnected the HT leads to it and bolting it back on - very accessible but that's only what I can see from the top.

focus ignition coil - psi
it's a 2 minute job, unplug ht leads (replace at same time as coil pack), unscrew 4 torx screws, remove metal securing clip from underneath coil pack, insert new pack, re-screw, replace metal securing clip, reconnect ht leads in correct order (coil pack is marked cyl's 1-4). voilá - wish all jobs were that easy!

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