Hypothetically speaking.... - Adam {P}
purely hypothetically, assuming that somone in our household was going to buy this car. Assuming that someone in this household who had two of the best mechanics you've ever known as best mates.

Assuming all this, in a hypothetical sense....


Hypothetically speaking.... - Pugugly {P}
Bit more cred than a Focus Saloon. Especially as it's not beige.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Westpig
go for it........... you can't take it with you
Hypothetically speaking.... - Altea Ego
Is there a hypothetical bank manager with a hypothetical line of credit as well?
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Hypothetically speaking.... - Lud
A friend had a 500 coupe, earlier than that, and it was nowhere near as good as the 280 he had before that, although that car ate distributors.

Paid I think 10K at the time, needed a new camshaft on one bank straight away, later lunched its wiring loom. Drank like a fish, huge boot, 130mph cruise when all right, but parts can be expensive and the things are very, very complex.

I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a sensible buy, mechanic mates or not - remember oil prices and insurance and stuff - but as a senseless one it looks quite appealing. Wouldn't want to put a fellow kamikaze off.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Adam {P}
Hmmm....Dad's on side and secretly he really wants me to get it - I can tell looking in his eyes.

The tricky part is Mum. All the usual lines haven't worked yet....but I'm chipping away....slowly.

Thanks for the technical info Lud - I'm deciding to pretend I haven't read it though!

Hypothetically speaking.... - blue_haddock
My only comment Adam is....

Hypothetically speaking.... - bell boy
in gangsta black ideal for moving cadavers................
Hypothetically speaking.... - madf
Unless you have a drug dealer's income, don't bother.
Hypothetically speaking.... - cheddar
.................. barge pole!
Hypothetically speaking.... - Adam {P}
You're all killjoys! Haven't you ever heard of living for the moment?!?

Right - that's it. No CL500 and it's all your fault!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
Hypothetically speaking.... - Manatee
You won't do it... you're far too sensible. Treat yourself to a blind spot mirror or a new magic tree for the Focus, lie down and wait for the feeling to go away.

If that doesn't work, get an expert on the cars to look it over, and get him to tell you what it could cost to run even if nothing serious goes wrong before you go any further. And remember there is rarely an unmissable bargain - if you really want one it's unlikely that the first one you see is the one to buy.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Xileno {P}
Daft amount of money for a 13 year old car.
Hypothetically speaking.... - bell boy
Daft amount of money for a 13 year old car.

i agree it was only £82,400 when new ;-O
Hypothetically speaking.... - Westpig
I know i said go for it earlier, but thought i'd share this as well.

When 21 yrs old i bought a 6 year old Jag XJS ( showing my age now) .......... had it looked at by family friend who was well up on that sort of thing and he advised what could or was likely to go wrong.

Although I thought the car was awesome........... i ended up worrying about every little rumble or noise and imagining what it could be......... even the change in tarmac on the motorway, i kid you not.

Then there was the worry about someone stealing it or damaging it, would i be able to afford next year's prmium if i claimed etc.

After 6 weeks i sold it........... only because i'd worked out i wasn't enjoying it, it was making me miserable worrying about it.
Hypothetically speaking.... - bell boy
. even the change in tarmac on the motorway, i kid you not.
this still catches me out to this day,thankfully the A19 from middlesborough south has now been tarmaced as this was the worst in recent years .
I still remember large stretches of the A1 being concrete though especially near newark
Hypothetically speaking.... - PoloGirl
Adam, I know you were having trouble choosing a career, but a car like that would limit you to either pimp or drug dealer... don't think your dad would approve of either!

Hypothetically speaking.... - Lud
In the late sixties I pulled up at a red light in Mayfair in the middle of the night, 2 or 3 am. When the light changed my Citroen Bijou puttered gently away with its 425cc and centrifugal clutch, and the V8 Rolls-Royce next to it went away similarly absolutely flat, but much faster of course and making a considerable noise, a sort of muted roar. But there was another red light and my car puttered up beside the silver Rolls. Green light, same scenario. And again at the next light.

Puttering up beside it at the fourth red light, I glanced discreetly at the driver of the Rolls-Royce. It was the singer Tom Jones, then doing well, looking a bit impatient.

I believe he had been a truck driver in civilian life,
Hypothetically speaking.... - BB
I fear that the insurance would be quite a lot for this motor and your age Adam.
Hypothetically speaking.... - No FM2R
Its not sensible or wise, but I'd do it. Looks like a great bit of kit to me.

You need Aprilia's opinion to be sure though.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Adam {P}
Well, thanks for all the advice. On the off chance I hypothetically rang the hypothetical insurance company and was told (hypothetically of course) to go and have a lie down.

I'm kind of relieved because I would have gone through with it no matter how silly it was. Factor in that I don't actually have a job (I'm seinding lots of applications off though!) and it becomes even more stupid. I'm not looking to change my car as I'm still happy with what I've got but I guarantee you that this time next year, I will have a ridiculously fast car which makes ridiclously loud noises. I know that if I don't, I'll end up with a 1.8 Mondeo or Vectra or something and I really don't want that to happen for the next 15 years.

Thanks again for all the advice,

Hypothetically speaking.... - BazzaBear {P}
Its not sensible or wise, but I'd do it. Looks like
a great bit of kit to me.
You need Aprilia's opinion to be sure though.

Thank God someone on here's got a bit of heart. Well said Mark.
Adam, the insurance has wiped it out for now, but soon eh? Soon enough you'll be able to do something of this kind.
It's so life-affirming finding someone else who's determined to buy a car because it's fantastically attractive, not just because it's reassuringly dull, sorry I mean reliable.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Vin {P}

If God meant us to keep hold of money, he'd have put handles on it.

Insure it TPF&T for that price.

Hypothetically speaking.... - Lud
Thank God someone on here's got a bit of heart. Well
said Mark.

I share BB's and Mark's sympathy, as evidently do others, but can't help feeling you have been saved here from a fair amount of anxiety and terrifying expenditure by the naming of a horrendous sum for legal insurance.

I'd have a look at one of those Seat slingshots HJ was so keen on last year. Might be more practical, and plenty fun.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Pugugly {P}

Have they refused to insure you point blank ? If so and this car is still your heart's desire (as opposed to head and since when has that been important anyway ?) if you punt around some smaller insurers you may find a way around it especially with giving a limited mileage. Go for it I would say, but then I'm a sucker for a nice looking motor !
Hypothetically speaking.... - Avant
So you're not to be the driver of a German taxi in drag.....Fear not Adam - we will find some way to be rude about whatever you buy!

Maybe you should attack the problem from the other end. Have a good look at insurance groups and see what group you can afford the insurance for - then see what's available in that group and still fun to drive.

You can do this at www.parkers.co.uk.
Hypothetically speaking.... - Adam {P}
The problem is, I can't get a quote TPFT! I'm currently third party now on the Focus paying 800 quid in my third year. So you can see why it's not all that surprising that they won't touch me! I tried two other insurers but gave up - in the back of my mind, I knew before I even quoted.

I've got my eye on two quickish cars for my next one but I'll need to get a job and settle down a bit before even thinking about getting one! I'll let some cats out of the bag nearer the time!

Thanks for all the advice - I'll let you all help spend my dosh when I eventually get some!

Hypothetically speaking.... - Adam {P}
As if to prove your point Bazza!

Sorry - I did reply just after Avant's post but it's messed your bit up. I think it would be best if yours was made separate again now that mine's come to a close!
Hypothetically speaking.... - mss1tw
You can do this at www.parkers.co.uk.

I found www.wisebuyers.co.uk to be better for this while I was deciding whether to get the Toledo or something else...very comprehensive.

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