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peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - irekul
my mate has a peugot 406 hdi turbo diesel about 100k miles, v reg. he has had a loss off power for the last few months as if the turbo is not working at low revs? I have heard that the esr valve can get coked up on some deisel turbo's and cause this, does anyone have any idea's ? or where the egr valve is situated? or where the turbo is situated.
thanks in advance.
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - stuartl
Sounds to me like the air mass meter, get a new one for about £75, good place to start and a 5 minute job to fit
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - irekul
thanks . any idea where that is ?
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - stuartl
Its generally the first item after the air filter box, about 2" diameter when its a round one and has two or three wires going to it via a plug in connector
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - irekul
cheers, will give it a go , let you know how I get on
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - Robin the Technician
Before going to the expense of changing parts, check the air pipe that runs down the front of the engine - on my previous 406 it split and caused a bad loss of power. Make sure all the air intake pipes are in good order - its best to check this first before spending any money.

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - megrandad
To check to see if turbo is working all you have to do is find the big pipe [underside] of engine which draws air into turbo hold revs at 3000rpm with pipe disconnected and lightly hold your hand over end if suction is trying to pull your hand into pipr then turbo is working fine in not 1st check turbo solenoid valve which is a grey plug on the rear of engine bulkhead side check voltage supply which should be no more than 5 volts.also check that all pipes are attached to valves as this will stop turbo kicking in.end result try new soleniod valve and if that dont work seek profesionel help Good luck[megrandad]
peugeot 406 hdi power loss ? - nig.xl
Mine was like a 1.1 saxo when I bought it , check for slack in the throttle cable, easily adjustable under the bonnet.

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