Reasonable MPV hire - Xileno {P}
Can anyone recommend a hire company that does reasonably priced MPV's (e.g. Galaxy, Espace size for 7 people) that I can take to France. I have been looking on the internet and have fallen off my chair at the expense. One company wants a four figure sum for two weeks. I am tempted to buy one privately and then sell it after the holiday...
Reasonable MPV hire - Altea Ego
galaxy + 7 and any luggage is a no go. You can have 5 and luggage, but 7 and luggage dont fit.
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Reasonable MPV hire - Xileno {P}
Unfortunately there are seven of us. So what do you think I should hire? A minibus?
MAybe two cars would be better - and probably cheaper.
Reasonable MPV hire - Dynamic Dave
Ford S-MAX?

IIRC, when compared with the Zafira on Top Gear, there was still luggage space with all 7 seats in use.
Reasonable MPV hire - Altea Ego
People carrier wise only the Grande Espace and the Previa can carry 7 and some luggage (tho you need to keep the luggage mean)

My suggestion is a VW T5 minbus type thing.
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Reasonable MPV hire - Chad.R
VW Carravelle/Shuttle or whatever they're called these days - 7 adults + luggage in relative comfort.

Perhaps a Grande Espace may work too??
Reasonable MPV hire - ukbeefy
Rent two normal cars eg 2 Focus' or Astras. Probably alot cheaper (certainly alot better deals available) and also a better relationship between seating and luggage capacity. but would be more expensive on ferries.

As others suggested a VW Caravelle is the biggest by some margin. Look at VW garages locally who might rent you one.Still it will be pricey as these are £25k vehicles.

Look at some of the car rental brokers.
Reasonable MPV hire - 1066
ford torneo 7 seater. mine gets 7up with all luggage and has aircon etc.
Reasonable MPV hire - Xileno {P}
Thanks for the suggestions. I am beginning to think that two cars may be better. It would also have the advantage that I could be in a different car to the SiL, a woman from hell.
Reasonable MPV hire - Gromit {P}
SjB posted with a similar query last year - he hired a VW Caravelle from Target, IIRC. See:

But forget I said that if you want two cars to avoid SiL :-)
- Gromit
Reasonable MPV hire - Xileno {P}
Interesting thread, thanks. £450 a week is about what I have been quoted but they then sting you on the insurance for taking it abroad - up to an additional £400.
I would prefer to take one vehicle as we can then share the driving and it will obviously be less costly to cross the channel. I have a good pair of ear plugs I can use.
Reasonable MPV hire - PhilDS
Why don't you hire abroad. It may sound odd but some hire firms will give you a car to the ferry port. You then travel across as foot passengers and collect a local car on the other side. Local insurance and easier to overtake. You may get a better deal on the people carrier too

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