Rust on drivers door - RobPritch
Hi, I have recently brought a 106 and failed to realise a little rust on the drivers door and I'm afraid of it spreading. Does anyone have any suggestions to remove it or cover it up? Cheers
Rust on drivers door - type's'
Change the door.

Sorry only joking.

Jenolite rust treatment is available from at £1.60 a tube.
I have not used it myself so cannot say if it is any good - but this or any similar product should be ok with some touch up on top.
Rust on drivers door - Lud
Try the thread on Waxoyl, on this page, Rob. Everything you need there.
Rust on drivers door - adverse camber
where abouts on the door ? I might do different things if it was in the middle of a panel or bottom seam or top edge.
Rust on drivers door - LeePower
Why do I get the feeling its the front bottom corner of the door, Bet it hasnt had the official Peugeot mod, Sounds like its had a new door fitted in the past.
Rust on drivers door - type's'
Just be a bit careful though - waxoyl is a rust preventer. It will not treat or stop rust that has already started.
You need to stop the oxidation process first and then treat with paint for external or waxoyl for internal.

Rust on drivers door - Lud
Should have said that type 's' but didn't because I can never be bothered with touching up external rust spots myself, so it would be hypocritical...
Rust on drivers door - type's'
My kinda car owner.
Rust on drivers door - carl233
Remove heavy deposits or loose rust, paint white hammerite onto the area. This will kill the rust and also act as a primer. Leave it to dry and settle for at least one day. Then touch this up with a stone chip repair kit which should include an exact colour match of your vehicle and a clear touch up pen.

Rust on drivers door - Big John
If you use Hammerite you would have to leave at least six weeks otherwise it will react badly with top coat (or any other) paint. Hammerite does stop the rust though. Silver smoothrite is good on old silver wheels.

If you can find it, Finnigans No1 Primer is great. That will hold the rust and can be painted over within hours.
Rust on drivers door - carl233
As a motor trader I always use it to touch up small patches of rust on cars that are 'passing through'. As long as it is left on at least 24 hours it should be fine on most surfaces. I have used the product in these conditions hundreds of times and have only had a bad reaction on a very few occasions. It is a superb quick fix that many people in the trade use.
Rust on drivers door - Dynamic Dave
As a motor trader I always use it to touch up small patches of rust on cars that are 'passing through'.

As already mentioned though, hammerite doesn't kill rust.
Rust on drivers door - bell boy
no but it sure does fool the public ;)
Rust on drivers door - Hamsafar
I've always found hammerite and finnigans absolute rubbish, and a test of these paints in the Car Mechanics magazine a few years ago found they were hardly any better than white gloss dulux that they uses as a control sample. The best one was POR15 moisture cured polyurethance followed by some very expensive zinc -rich primer which I've never seen for sale so forget the name.
Rust on drivers door - Mike-H
Can anyone remember those self adhesive coloured patches to stick on your stone chips and scratches. Used to get the odd person come in and offer their car in pX looking like a leopard! terrible. All that time to devalue the car!
This has aserious side. I have seen hundredsof pounds worth of damage done by well intentioned people trying to touch up or repair very minor chips, and make a right hash of it. Why not pop into your local bodyshop and get them to advise--free quote?
Rust on drivers door - AlastairW
Can anyone remember those self adhesive coloured patches to stick on your stone chips and scratches

Yep. My dad bought some from Presto for our Mk1 Escort. They covered the rust ok, but the edges of the patch would not stick to the paint and always stuck out, making the mark more obvious.
That Escort was possible the worst company car dad had. Many a morn filled with bad language interspersed with 'Chug-a-chug---whrrrrr' noises as the starter failed to do its job.

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