trailer or roof box - darrenmc
Hi all and thanks for every thing so far... this may sound a simple one but which one is more efficent (mpg) when on on long journeys a roof box and roof bars or pulling a small trailer?
trailer or roof box - Armitage Shanks {p}
I would have thought a roof box, unless you have a very aerodynamic trailer. This is just an instictive reaction, looking at what is involved. The roofbox is a streamlined shape and close to the roof, the trailer is a box on wheels with no shape at all, in a slick streamlined sense. Also isn't there a speed limit element to this? How fast are you allowed to tow a trailer? I don't know the answer to that but someone will be along in a minute who does! Also trailer needs a tow hitch and electrics, box just bolts on so it should be cheaper over all too.
trailer or roof box - gsb
Single carriageways 50 mph dual carriageways and motorways 60mph. I have used a large ski box for many years, You hardly notice it's on the car. Never really done a check maybe 2-3 mpg diff. But If you want to get somewhere today not tomorrow a box wins.
trailer or roof box - gsb
Also if we ever get more toll roads, the're bound to charge more for a trailer. I believe they do on the M6 toll and if you ever go to France the autoroutes do i think.
trailer or roof box - George Porge
I tow a small trailer behind my golf estate and it does'nt make much difference, maybe because with the trailer I drive slower?

Also when you've finished with the trailer you un hook it and park it up, I see lots cars with roofboxes fitted all the time.
trailer or roof box - darrenmc
found this from the haynes web site:-

Remove that roof rack! Fully loaded, a roof rack can add 30 per cent to fuel consumption. Even an empty ski rack may add seven to eight per cent.

but nothing about a trailer

i shall be going to scotland inverness way and beyond so speed limits are not a problem not many moter ways that way..

i prob cud lock up trailer but as im going camping i wont be able to leave roof box but i should be able to lock up a trailer

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