2006 Ford Focus TDCi 1.6 - kal
Recently hired a Ford Focus TDCI, quite impressed with performance and economy regularly averaged over 40mpg quite easily with an average of 45mpg rising to 50mpg on motorways (a/c always on) 2/3 people seated. Engine pulls well although sounds a bit "grough". Engine only had 5000 mile on the clock so not really run in. Is this about right?

Any thoughts or comments....
2006 Ford Focus TDCi 1.6 - cheddar
I had a C-Max earlier in the year with this engine, the 110 bhp version, did 1400 miles or so in it from new, your description fits with my experience, not as refined as the 1.8 TDCi in the old Focus (that is now available in the new Focus/C-Max) IMO or my Mondeo TDCi 130 for that matter.

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