Corsa airbag light on???? - jujubadger
The airbag light on my 51 sxi has been flashing on and off for some while now but now it's on permanent! What could it mean? Any help massively appreciated before i spend my cash!
Corsa airbag light on???? - Dynamic Dave
What could it mean?

Either a fault with the airbag system, or the seatbelt pretensioners. More likely the latter - check under the seats to see if the wires have become detached. Only way the light can be reset though is by a Tech2 (diagnostic code reader) or similar test equipment. The same equipment can also decipher the fault.
Corsa airbag light on???? - jujubadger
Checked under the seats, all wires are in tact! So it's off to the garage for the corsa! Thank you
Corsa airbag light on???? - bell boy
independant may be cheaper here than the dealer if garage has the right gear,sykes pickavant are good on this model im led to believe?

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