Croydon Motor Show - Woody
I just got home from the first day of the inaugral two day Croydon Motor Show and it was a surprisingly enjoyable day.

Most of the the major manufacturers were present via local dealers with the notable exceptions of BMW, Mercedes and Skoda.

Commentary and driver interviews of the various cars in the parade ring (every 30 minutes, Estates, MPVs, Execs etc etc) were by Top Gear's James May who was very dry and witty and an all round good egg.

A trip around all the stands confirmed that the (absent) Skoda Octavia really is the best car for me (ordering a 2.0 TDI DSG on Monday).

Other observations:

1. The Seat Toledo looks like Quasimodo.

2. Chrysler make some brutal looking cars that will have the Chavs drooling and in an HP fuelled financial quagmire.

3. The Hyundai Sants Fe is the best looking 4X4 by far.

5. Daihatsu make cars for midgets.

4. The Nissan 350Z is the best looking non exotica car, full stop.

5. The Honda Civic is a corporate catastrophe.

6. The new Citroen Executive barge is hideous, beautiful and utter madness all rolled into one. "£37,000 OTR. What will it be worth in 3 years time?" "I haven't got that information sir".

7. VW Golfs have cheap and nasty interiors .

8. Saab interiors are worse.

9. There is no such thing as a good looking estate car.

10. All VW Tourag drivers are pimps or drug dealers, possibly both.

Well worth going along tomorrow if you can. £3 entry fee. Take your own food and drink though. £4.50 for a tiny hot dog and a warm bottle of water, I think not.

Great fun.

Croydon Motor Show - wotspur
Where about's in Croydon is it and is it really suitable for 2 kids, 2 and 4 and how busy was it getting in/out
Croydon Motor Show - Woody
It is on the Purley Way playing fields, opposite the Airport Hotel.

Unlimited parking with no in/out problems and there is a bouncy slide and things for the kids, who can also climb in and all over the cars.

Give it a try for £3 per adult and children free.

Croydon Motor Show - Altea Ego
There is no such thing as the croydon motor show

Anyone who says the Hyundai Sante Fe is the3 best looking 4x4 by far *HAS* to be an inbred liar.

or blind

or both probably
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Croydon Motor Show - psi
British International Motor Show?
Croydon Motor Show - Woody
Er, excuse me but there most definitely IS a Croydon Motor show and I was there today. It is on tomorrow as well 10 AM until 5 PM.

As regards the Santa Fe, you quite obviously haven't seen the latest model, which is far removed from the previous one. Hasn't got the bling of the X5, the London Metro Cab look of a Range Rover or size of a tank X90. It is just a big, curvy, well proportioned 4X4 and looks very nice indeed.

(Slightly offensive bit removed from here by mods)

Croydon Motor Show - Altea Ego
oh dear,
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Croydon Motor Show - Dynamic Dave
Try putting your brain in gear before your keyboard bravery kicks into action.

Says the man who made an unsupported comment about VW Tourag drivers, which could quite possibly offend one of the backroom members, who just so happens to own a Tourag; then takes offence when that backroom member jovially makes an off the cuff comment in return about the Hyundai Sante Fe.

That aside, I'm sure Quasimodo wouldn't be too impressed at being likened to a Seat Toledo either.

Now behave, before I lock this thread.

DD. BR Moderator.
Croydon Motor Show - Woody
Fair points and I humbly apologise. Live by the sword, die by the sword eh.

Mind you, I thought TVM was a bit OTT with 'inbred' and claiming that the event I spent five hours at didn't exist.

My jovial comments reflected James May's commentary and interviews on the day. "Ah, here comes the Chrysler 300C Estate, the perfect car for disposing of the corpses after a gangland shoot out. Top seller in Croydon" etc etc. You probably had to be there, but it was very, very funny.

When you have, say ten 4X4s driving in convoy around the central arena, you get a good perspective. For example the Honda CRV suddenly looks old hat whilst Hyundai's Santa Fe and Tucson shone out. The Tourag was a pearlescent black with chrome all over and blinged to the max. It looked comical, but there we are; one man's meat is another man's poisen.

As I say, great fun and recommended for today, assuming you believe it exists.

Croydon Motor Show - Manatee
I think I might have reacted to being called an inbred liar - I'm sure TVM was making a point about his views on the car rather than Woody, but if I'd been on the receiving end I might not have seen it that way!

I agree about the toerag btw - anybody drawn to something so OTT should go the whole hog and get a Hummer.

Bit too far to Croydon unfortunately. Sounds more fun than THE motor show which I gave up on years ago.
Croydon Motor Show - Stuartli
Is the Croydon show the type in which local area dealerships provide the vehicles on show and supply any information that may be required?

I've found that these are often much more pleasant to attend than the mega events such as the British Motor Show.
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Croydon Motor Show - Woody

That's exactly it, local dealerships ready and willing to chat and let you crawl all over the cars, of which there must be 150+.

The 'arena' parades and James May had almost a country fayre feel to it, which I found very enjoyable.

Croydon Motor Show - Pugugly {P}
I'm sure Quasimodo wouldn't be too impressed at being likened to a Seat Toledo either.

He probably would have taken the hump !

There are pretty estates, Vauxhall's Vectra and Astra and dare I say the new Focus all of which appear to have been styled rather than have a box welded to the back of the original. BMW weren't there but the Tourings (both 3 and 5) are very handsome motors.

All 4x4 are horrid by definition, the Disco although pretty in silver isn't as nice in any solid colour.

James May is the most honestly funny of the the TG three - he is also arguably the best journo and would be worht a fiver of anyone's money to listen to live. If I was anywhee near Croydon I would go. (if only for a bouncy castle experience)
Croydon Motor Show - Avant
There is something slightly out-of-this-world about exchanging insults over an imaginary car - the VW Tourag (sic).

Is it some kind of a mixture between a Touran (Scenic size) and a Touareg (vast), with the worst features of both?

I wonder what possessed VW to call two models such similar names....

A Toerag would perhaps be a Touareg body with a 1.0 litre Polo engine.
Croydon Motor Show - Manatee
Avant, apart from the chap down the road who owns one, I have never heard anybody refer to this car as anything but a toe-rag. Puerile humour of course, being a near-homophone that conveniently punctures the imagined hubris of the plutocratic users of such vehicles, but so obvious that I am surprised VW used in in the UK. It must have deterred at least a few image-conscious potential purchasers.

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