Scotland to Skegness - Wally Zebon
I'll be going on holiday to sunny skegness on Saturday. Planning to drive M6, M61, M60, M62, M18, M180, A18, A16 etc.

Anything I should be looking out for? I reckon I'll be nearing Skegness at around Midnight on Saturday, so hopefully traffic will be light.
Any roadworks or diversions in place that may hold me up?

I think I'll be creating a new personal record for the most motorways driven on in a single journey. I'll also be on the M74 so that'll be 7 in total!

Coming back I'd like to go over the Humber bridge. Is this an easy diversion? How much is the toll (if any)?

Thanks in advance

Scotland to Skegness - Armitage Shanks {p}
Toll is £2.70 each way. Highways agency has an 0845 line and a free website with up to day roadworks info -

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