99 vectra fuse problem - hackett
hi can anyone help me
my vectra keeps blowing a 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment ,there is a fuse holder at the front of the engine next to the battery. inside there are two fuses green 30 amp and are quite big.one of them
keeps blowing but not all of the time .i dont know if this has something to do with my air con as it normally goes when its on but not all of the time.i do know that it has some thing to do with the fans as the temp goes up sky high.so pop a new one in and the fans come on again.
i did have the front fan ghanged as this was seized up .so was this front fan the air con fan....and could it be a differant fan than went on my car ,as i got it from a scrap yard...
any suggestions why it keeps blowing.

99 vectra fuse problem - LeePower
Either the fan has seized up again or you have a short to earth through the wiring.

I would take a look at the fans again.
99 vectra fuse problem - hackett
thanks for the reply but the fan is ok ad spins freely
99 vectra fuse problem - hackett
how do i check the wireing for shorts

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