2004 Vectra headlight adjustment - bobda
A colleague is off to France for a couple of days and needs his headlight beam adjusted accordingly. It has the projector style lenses, which I assumed would have a lever to switch the beam across, but I can't see it.

The book says to visit a Vauxhall dealer to have the beams adjusted, but I'm sure all they'll do is stick a screwdriver in somewhere and twist something to flip the beam across.

On my old Alfa, which had the same projector style lens, the lever was just in the rear of the headlight housing, but I can't see anything on the Vectra.

If it exists, where is the lever, or what needs to be done to switch the beam across?
2004 Vectra headlight adjustment - Dynamic Dave
To quote from the handbook:

Headlights when driving abroad
The asymmetrical dipped beam increases the field of vision on the passenger side of the lane. This causes glare for oncoming traffic if the vehicle is driven in countries where traffic drives on the opposite side of the road.

Do as follows to prevent glare:

Vehicles without Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)
Place covers on both headlights. We recommend that you consult a Vauxhall Authorised Repairer.

Vehicles with Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)
1. Open and remove the cover of the fusebox in the engine compartment ? see page 216.
2. Fit fuse (maxi-fuse) (with designation "Transport") in slot 38. Fuse positions ? see page 214.
3. Switch on ignition.
After the conversion, the AFL control indicator lights for 4 seconds

(or you could try my suggestion instead) Try adjusting the headlight height adjuster in the car down to it's minimum setting (No.3).

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