Theft or Vandalism? - Robbie
I'm upset after finding one of the rear reflectors on my Accord Tourer has been removed.

Was this theft or sheer vandalism? The paintwork has been scratched where they have used some sort of implement to remove the reflector.
Theft or Vandalism? - Armitage Shanks {p}
Sorry to hear that. Bearing in mind the rarity of an Accord Tourer I'd put it down to vandalism! I had the rear wiper stolen off my 307, I didn't bother trying to work out why and just bought another one. I have put up a small but highly visible CCTV camera on the front of my house, looking down at the front door and the car. Notheing has happened since but that may be luck and/or a coincidence
Theft or Vandalism? - Stuartli
A mate of mine has the same model.

I would suggest that it is theft on the basis that it was too deliberate to be otherwise.
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Theft or Vandalism? - Lud
Someone once stole the sump drain plug - easy to get at from outside the car - from my Skoda, parked in the London main road where I live. I saw the oil mark when I went out to the car, investigated, got a new plug, OK. But if my wife had been going to use the car she might not have noticed, perhaps with dire mechanical results.

One wouldn't think this squalid act was worth the £1 or less that the plug would have cost. People are such toerags.
Theft or Vandalism? - Armitage Shanks {p}
Vile people; lucky they didn't go under the car with some cutters and do your brake pipes!

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