New Citroen 2CV? - ib33
Does any forum member know if Citroen are planning a new 2CV?
New Citroen 2CV? - Ben79
There is some C2 based concept buggy.

But Citroen have gone bonkers and made the C6. Who is going to pay £40k for the top of the range? I love it though.

New Citroen 2CV? - Sofa Spud
I saw a C6 in the road and although the detailing is neat the car as a whole looked ill-proportioned.

As for a new 2CV - a small, simple car would be good but, please, please, please..........NO retro styling references to the original 2CV!
New Citroen 2CV? - Lud
Quite agree SS. But a cheap characterful economical stark long-lasting safe brisk practical radical Gallic passenger-carrying device with totally up-yours styling and preferably matt grey paint, that's what we want.
New Citroen 2CV? - Collos25
I would have thought a Pluriel is pretty near the 2cv concept.
New Citroen 2CV? - massey
With ribbed body panels like the the very first CV
New Citroen 2CV? - MW
An aside..... at the London Motor Show Frome had a stand at
Amazing car. Many memories. But would I buy one????
New Citroen 2CV? - Alan
A person at work bought a car from Frome 2CV after her metro; yes metro was stolen by local youths and involved in a 100mph police chase. She asked the police what type of car is least likely to be stolen and a 2CV is what they said. She just wants a car to get from A to B and I think that even the slowest police car would not have much trouble in catching a 2cv.
New Citroen 2CV? - Collos25
It depends if it has the 400 or 600cc lump ,pretty fast those 600 babies.
New Citroen 2CV? - Lud
Not fast exactly AB, just surprisingly rapid when driven pedal-to-metal considering their little engines. The ones with GS engine transplants would be another matter of course.
New Citroen 2CV? - smallfish
2CV was probably the best value and must fun vehicle we've ever had.
Surprisingly quick once you got the knack of keeping momentum up and amazingly versatile.
Felt like a sportscar when zipping through lanes with the top down (sensation helped by the sports exhaust - ie baffles blown out!) Take the back seat out - takes a minute to do - and you've got a van, we once got a sofa in ours!
If I won the lottery I'd definitely have one just to drive on sunny when i needed a smile putting on my face!

(Crikey , I just checked the prices on Frome website and looks like you need to win the lottery to afford one! £8K for a 2CV !! Sold ours for £400...)
New Citroen 2CV? - Chris S
I can't find the link now but there's a car made in Pakistan that bears a passing resemblance to a 2CV Dyane - it's on sale for around 4K. Apparently it's the cheapest car on sale anywhere.

They'd probably go down a bomb in France, assuming they met EU emissions/safety regulations.

New Citroen 2CV? - Chris S
Or was that 2K?

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