side mirrors adjustment instructions - horatio
I just found this and I usually have mine like they say at first, but I'm going to give the new way a try out next time I'm in the car.

Thought you might like to see this. What do you think? Which is the "correct" or "best" method to use?
side mirrors adjustment instructions - TheOilBurner
Good advice. I try to have my mirrors set in much the same way, such that I can see a car in the mirrors from before I could sideswipe them until the front of the car is clearly in peripheral vision.

It can make reversing along kerbs a little tricky - but then mirrors are supposed to stop you crashing into cars, not help with parking. ;)
side mirrors adjustment instructions - Hamsafar
Very good, I always adjust like this after my Dad told me too when learning, but most people like the car to be displayed in the mirror, not only does this waste 1/3rd of the mirror and hide cars in adjascent lanes, it also makes the car appear wedge shapes and makes reversing dificult. I think this is one of the reasons women have trouble, they like to see the sides of the car, but it makes the car seem impossible to park as it's not a true representation of what's there and in what direction.
side mirrors adjustment instructions - Dalglish
see previous threads on this

side mirrors adjustment instructions - mss1tw
Great thread - thanks for posting that.
side mirrors adjustment instructions - artful dodger {P}
I have always set my mirrors up like this.

If you need to confirm what is in one mirror can be seen in another, then all you have to do is move your head slightly.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
side mirrors adjustment instructions - robcars
personally I prefer to add blind spot mirrors on to side mirrors, so that you can see even more.

Experiment with the idea before you tell me im wrong; its a hangover from racing.

The interior mirror shows whats behind you. The side mirrors (should) show whats behind you but at the side of you (ie approaching you, on your side, but past the vision of the interior mirror). The additional blind spot mirror should then show whats in front of that position, up to the side of the driver.

And its amazing how many caravan drivers have got such big and so many mirrors but most of them have so little vision.

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