Mondeo door lock doesnt work (sometimes) - Rememberthegoodtimes
I have a 1998 Mondeo and one of the rear doors does not always lock or unlock with the rest, all the other locking functions appear fine it is simply the fact that the rear door will occasionally remain unlocked when all of the others lock and vice versa.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can start looking?

Many thanks

Mondeo door lock doesnt work (sometimes) - Mookfish
Had the same thing happen with a saab and a vectra.

The saab just needed the lock mechanism stripping down and cleaning. The Vectra had bent a rod.

I guess it could be a wiring fault but I'd check the mechanism in the door first and if you still suspect the wiring try unlocking and locking with the solenoid out and watch to see if it works.

Of course if it only happens sometimes checking the wiring like this might not help.

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