Classics on the Common, 26 July - Roger Jones
Just to remind you of a great classics event with no admissions charge for spectators, and plenty of pubs and restaurants on the periphery.

An early evening event, there were 2000 exhibitors in 2004 in glorious weather; 1000+ exhibitors in rotten weather last year.

Go by train if you can. If not, be prepared for long traffic queues and head for the large public car-parks in Bowers Way, Amenbury Lane, or at the railway station. That is, approach from the east or the west, if you can, as the north--south A1081 will be at a crawl.

I am not an official and have no commercial interest in the show.
Classics on the Common, 26 July - spikeyhead {p}
I'm going to miss this again, even though its only a few minutes trip on the train to get there.

I didn't even make it in 2004 when some of my mates took a trio of Dodge Vipers there. Working away form home so much does have it sdisafvantages.

If you're coming form the north, leave the M1 at jn 10, park at Luton Airport Parkway station and get the train, it will be a lot quicker.
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Classics on the Common, 26 July - Vansboy
You beat me to it Roger!!

Am exceptionally pleasent way to spend a summers evening!!


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