Which mpv - egor
Which mpv has removable rear seats so you have a bigger load space and secondly a sliding door. The removable rear seats is the main thing.
Which mpv - dodo
Try a Mazda MPV if you are looking second hand, We've had one for over two years without a problem. Not the most exciting but reliable economical and very nippy. Ours is a 2.0 TD and I see from autotrader that they are available at amazing prices for 2005s/low mileage.
Which mpv - Dynamic Dave
The problem with removable rear seats is that if you hadn't planned on picking up something large, where do you put them once you've removed them in the MFI or Do It All's carpark to fit the large object?

It might be better to consider something like a Zafira with rear seats that fold into the floor.
Which mpv - wotspur
I now have an Espace 2.2 DCI, which without doubt has the best safety rating on mpv's but has normal door openings, but look at mine and others previous listings to find the trouble with their diesel engines-also check out Forum search and CAR BY CAR BREAKDOWN on all vehicles you make a short list from.
For 6 years I also had A Peugeot 806, did 160K hard motorway driving predominately,then major things started going wrong. Had sliding doors and a fantastic feature for in town driving electric retractable wing mirrows, so maybe an 807. Chrysler Voyagers poor safety record but looks nice. If money no object I probably consider the reliablity of a Toyota or a Merc. What's your budget
Which mpv - egor
Looking at spending £6-7000ish.
It's going to be used for transporting dogs like the idea of a van but like all my comforts ie aircon so a mpv with seats out seems the right choice.
Which mpv - AlastairW
Why not get a van with aircon then?
Which mpv - Altea Ego
you need a kangoo or a berlingo

with aircon
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Which mpv - Pugugly {P}
Berlingo, had a lift in one of them, seems well put together and versatile.
Which mpv - Dynamic Dave
but like all my comforts ie aircon so a mpv with seats out seems the right choice.

Or an estate car - with A/C.
Which mpv - pafosman
Doblo 'family' ? can't stop, just got to extra time
Which mpv - bell boy
got to be a berlingo cracking little things and all the toys and no postman pat looks...........get one tomorrow consider new
Which mpv - egor
Berlingo's dont have air con do they? So there out of the running, used to have a estate but want somthing bigger i can get couple of dog cages in back and sleep in overnight. So only a mpv would be big enough.
Which mpv - BobbyG
According to the website it is an optional extra so you might find one put there? Last time I was in a Citroen dealer it had a Berlingo loaded up with all the toys, so I wouldn't strike it off your list yet!
Which mpv - egor
A berlingo is going to be too small, really am just looking at mpv's.
Which mpv - NowWheels
A berlingo is going to be too small, really am just looking at mpv's.

Are you really sure that a Berlingo is too small? They are surprisigly big inside, and before writing them off, I'd suggest taking a good look if you haven't aleady done so.

If the Berlingo definitely doesn't do the job, then I'd suggst that a van would give you much more room for your money and be better equipped to cope with the wear-and-tear. A friend who is a professional dog-walker uses a Fiat Scudo van which looks like a van version of the Citroen Synergie/FIAT Ulysse. It takes the dog cages comfortably, and is very nice in the cab, with a lovely ride.
Which mpv - Altea Ego
So what kinda doggie thing you into? Breed? Obedience? Working Trials? Shutzhund?
Ie how big are the dogs and how many?

I am thnking if you have big dogs, and want to sleep in it then you need a big van.

The problem is most of the big MPVs with removeable seats and flat floors you wont get for your price range unless you go for the french jobs and are unreliable.

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Which mpv - BobbyG
Not sure what price it would be worth now but my dad has an 806 with sliding doors, climate control, fully removable seats and sliding doors. His is a Y reg, would have thought they, or the Citroen |Synergie or Fiat Ulysses would maybe be in that price bracket?
Which mpv - boxsterboy
We're very pleased with our Citroen C8, which replaced a similarly reliable Synergie.

I think there may be a few too many electric gizmos on the car for it's own good, and these can sometimes play up (i.e. the sliding electric doors occassionally take 2 attempts to shut), but it has never let us down. They can be bought new at very reasonable prices, so they might just be in your budget second hand. Failing that a Synergie/806 Ulysee is the same basic platform, altough not quite as nice to drive, slightly worse driving position, and a slightly smaller body.
Which mpv - PW
How about a Picasso then? Really impressed by mine and would be able to get one in budget quite easily. Seats come in and out quite easily and has air con. And with the 2l diesel am getting over 50mpg.
Which mpv - egor
I do agility with 2 collies and a springer.
I'm currently using a renault scenic and it's been fine no problems whatsoever.

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