Clio Dci Tyre Pressures - 02skn
Any of you guys know the correct tyure pressure for a Clio Dci 1.5, 3 doors and the 65bhp version. The tyre size is 185/55/15. The owners manual only gives tyre pressures for Dci s with a smaller tyre size. My tyre size is also fitted to a 1.6 petrol version but iam not sure if the pressures for the petrol and diesel would be the same.
Clio Dci Tyre Pressures - Dynamic Dave
Looking at the Dunlop website, several listings depending on which model of Clio.

See if you can find it

Clio Dci Tyre Pressures - piston power
ring ats/kwik fit these guy's fit these all day long they will give you the recomended pressure im sure.

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