1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - Haz
Hi my sons just got one of these to lern to drive in, great looking car for its age, got a few little things i want your advice on.

1. the tappets are noisey ive herd a few fiestas of same age and they same the same, can you make these engines abit more quite ? i know the tappets can be adjusted but is it worth it ?

2. is there a way to adjust the clutch bite ? its bitting just as you lift and we want it bitting about half way.

i hope you can help regarding this matter

many thanks


1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - bell boy
i would leave the tappets unless they are really noisy as it can cause emmission problems on these engines otherwise.......
with regards the clutch cable adjustement if you look where the cable goes through the fork on the pedal the runout mk3 fiesta"s could be adjusted here for the problem you describe ,but to be honest on your year i dont think it was fitted and you will just have the auto adjuster.......
1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - Number_Cruncher
>>i would leave the tappets unless they are really noisy...

I fully agree. I have on a number of times had to slacken the tappets of cars which had been carefully set by their owners to be quiet, and had then failed the MOT by excessive HC figures. There are a few engines where I fully expect to hear some tappet noise after a reasonable mileage, and if I don't hear any, then I'm very suspicious.

Unless the clearances are miles too wide, although the tappets are a bit noisy, you aren't doing any real damage.

It is many times better to have slightly noisy tappets, than to have valves which aren't closing fully!

1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - Haz
many thanks for your info on both issues,

i will leave the tappets alone, just worrid me when we got it as i drive a new car with no noise at all and when we got this for my son i worrid a little, but that worry has gone thanks to you guys.

will have to look to see if i can adjust the bite on the clutch, if there is no adjuster then whats the next option ?

thanks again

1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - bell boy
a new clutch..................but its only a 2 hour job tops, anyone can fit one in these with a 13 and 17mm spanner and axle stands.........should cost £120 all in at a decent mr clutch type emporium with a nice long guarantee.........
1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - Haz
you make it sound easy, is it really just 2 spanners and axel stands ?
1995 ford fiesta equipe 1.3 i - bell boy
sorry it is easy but is a bit more involved than 2 spanners,
Honestly if you are not mechanically minded the top price should be £120 and if you live in a large northern area im sure a backstreet garage could do it for even less ...........

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