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Hi all,

Driving to Southampton airport from Stoke to go on holiday in a fortnight...Will be setting off at 4-5am but curious to know what the best route is...theres nothing "direct" as such , did anyone have any thoughts ?

Stoke to Southampton - What route ? - wotspur
Not the easiest of routes and there's nothing worse than missing a plane
If you're able to leave Stoke at 4am you'll avoid the M6/ M42 congestion, any later it will start to get frustrating, go via the Nec, down onto M40 down to junction 9, to A34, assuming no delays it should take 90-120 mins to this point, then A34 ring road aroundOxford and just follow till you you hit the M3 and M27, prob another 2 hrs to airport.
Personally if I had to be at the airport before 10am, I'd leave the previous night and get beyond Newbury, stay at TravelInn or similar, leaving just a stress free journey the following day.
Stoke to Southampton - What route ? - Avant
Agree with Wotspur. M6 toll is usually worth it, unless you really leave early and M6 is still clear. If you do as he suggests and set off the previous evening, definitely use the toll.
Stoke to Southampton - What route ? - Rats
At least you're travelling in the right direction, the other way would be a nightmare, leaving at 4am, you should do it in 3 to 3.5 hours.

You could also go M6, M40, M25, M3, M27 - MWay all the way, you won't get hampered by HGVs ovrtaking eachother on the A34 and slowing you down. Also, I find that way better in quieter times, it's about 30 miles longer, but can be quicker, three lanes + most of the way (except around basingstoke area on the M3)
Stoke to Southampton - What route ? - cottontop
Thanks...its as i only concern for going via the M25 is the congestion at that time of the morning especially the Heathrow section...i think i'll probably do the A34 route...

Stoke to Southampton - What route ? - henry k
Can someone advise what the A33 from J11 M4 to J6 M3 is like?

If it is reasonable the an alternate route at the southern end could be M40 J4, A404 to J8/9 M4 and then west to M4 J11.
The A404/ A404(M) is a very fast dual carriageway with only one roundabout along it.
This alternative uses more of the M40, no M25 and the M4 leaving London.

Well worth noting some alternate routes in case of traffic problems.
Southampton Airport - car park etc. - henry k

If you have not already done so I would suggest you log on to BAA & SOU airport and book the carpark.
They have, been extending, or have extended the long term carpark to cope with the explosion of cheap flights.
I have found the carpark almost full off season.
Each time I have used the airport you take the approach road , Mitchell Way, (which is between the railway and the terminal building) and drive straight past the terminal and out round the perimeter of the airfield to the carpark.
The road in front of the terminal is very small and there is no stopping. Lots of enforcement bods around.
The coaches have always been good from the carkpark to the terminal but do allow some time.
Southampton Airport - car park etc. - Vin {P}
I live in Southampton and have regularly driven to Manchester and the North West. By far the best route is M6, M5, cut the corner at Cirencester to the M4, then onto the A34. Sounds mad till you realise that it's only six miles further than M6,M42,M40,A34, and generally quieter (though I can't vouch for the Eastbound part of the M4 at that time of day).

Southampton Airport - car park etc. - johnny
Agree with Vin - M5 A416 M4 A34. M27 Are you going to the Channel Islands by any chance?
Southampton Airport - car park etc. - cottontop
Yeah looks good...rcently done Stoke Swindon so I know all about that bit. Its only 20 miles on the M4 so I can't imagine it being that bad...Southampton Airport already booked :)
Southampton Airport - car park etc. - wotspur
The route M5, A419 via Swindon is good.
Just a word of warning though, I believe that stretch of the M4 is where the speed cameras are prevalent and allow no leeway - is this still current as I'm going that way next week.

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