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Hi All,

My sister recently got a new Corolla. Not long after buying it i read about some Toyota engines consuming oil at around a pt every 4-500 miles after 40k. Although this isnt an issue yet - car only 8 months old and 10k- The car in question is the 1.6 petrol engine.

i was wondering if anyone knows what causes this high oil consumtion is it bore, rings worn or valve oil seals or just engine design????

i have a friend has asked my if i know much about the new avensis. I also heard of gearbox probs on the mk1 avensis does this also affect the new style avensis??? - i wouldnt want to recomend a car that was about to have gearbox probles.


Edinburgh Andy
Toyota Oil Consumption /Gearbox - Mikey Jay
I am not pretending for one moment that I know the answer, but a lot depends on how the engine has been run in. Apparently if the engine has been driven at fairly low speeds or even moderate speeds at unvarying revs, the piston rings dont bed in properly and this can cause oil consumption problems, because the rings aren't sealing properly. The take it easy approach in the break in period is now contested by some as beeing detrimental, because today's engines tend to have fine honed bores. One advocate recommends you warm the engine up carefully and then take the vehicle on a long run gradually increasing the revs and having periods of easing off the throttle from high revs. Be carefull to check your rear view mirror when slowing down like this on the open road. Perhaps your car hasn't had this sort of teatment. ie. the engine hasn't had higher revs through the gears. There is an interesting article on this. Do a Google search on "Running in engines" and see what motoman has to say. Mike.

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