Renault owners with Keycard - Xileno {P}
Came across this message which is interesting:
Renault owners with Keycard - BobbyG
Link not working - what was the message?
Renault owners with Keycard - David Horn
It seems that when cars were in for servicing, garage employees were copying the keycard code onto a blank card, then popping round the owner's house and nicking the car later on.

From the 1st July (?), Renault will offer a much stricter process for getting hold of cards by pre-coding them at the factory, then having the Renault dealer finish it off when provided with proof of ownership of the vehicle. The pre-coded card will only be valid for 24 hours or some arcane figure, which means that blank cards ordered from eBay can no longer be coded by a Renault dealer.

Or something like that.
Renault owners with Keycard - Dynamic Dave
Link not working - what was the message?

Looks like only a temp glitch. Trying to link to the main forum on doesn't work either.
Renault owners with Keycard - Galaxy
The link did work Friday morning, but appears to be off for the time being.

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