Orion rear wheel bearing - stuartl
I have just bought an immaculate 1993 Ford Orion as a runabout.

The rear wheel bearing is obviously shot, is replacing this the straightforward job I hope it to be?!?
I have bought a bearing kit. In all the jobs I have done including engine rebuilds and rebuilding kit cars I have never changed a wheel bearing!

All help gratefully received!
Orion rear wheel bearing - bell boy
dead easy mate nothing difficult at all,just put your goggles on when you are cracking the inner part of the bearing cage that will probably be stuck to the stub axle.
dont be tempted to use any of the old bearing parts or you run the risk of it going again very soon

good luck 1/2 hour job.. :-)
Orion rear wheel bearing - stuartl
Many thanks oldman. Just what the doctor ordered!
I wish the problems with my Astra dti were that easy to sort :(


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