Well Done VW - Altea Ego
I have to say it, a triumph of German engineering and design.

I discovered on Friday that I have synchronised electric mirrors. ie the left moves in a mirror fashion of the right. The degree of syncronisation is astounding.

I can twist the mirror upwards and inwards to its full extent and see the england flag mounted on my rear window fluttering. If I look to the left mirror I can see the *other* flag on the other rear side window as well.
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Well Done VW - andymc {P}
Tch, my old Passat does that. Only a matter of time though ;) You can desynchronise them as well by turning the knob to the appropriate position before making the adjustments.
Suddenly I'm reminded of those VW ads with the geeky German engineer who was so obsessed by getting the features of the car exactly right - I can just imagine him sitting in the front, moving the two mirrors in, out, up, down ...
Have you discovered the "open/close all windows from outside the car" feature? Handy sometimes.
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Well Done VW - Dynamic Dave
Have you discovered the "open/close all windows from outside the car" feature? Handy sometimes.

Especially for thieves I gather.
Well Done VW - charlesb
Yes, you can do this with either the Key in the lock, or by pressing and holding the Open/Close button on the remote. Handy, except when you've forgotten to remove the Child Window Blinds and they jam inbetween the window!
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Well Done VW - jc2
"Global Closing"-opening and shutting all windows(and sunroof) has been fitted to many vehicles.The most extreme example was to a BMW cabrio-on this you could walk away,press the remote,it would raise the windows,raise the hood,lock the doors and set the alarm.
Well Done VW - DieselBoy
Well, there you go. I thought that the left mirror moving with the right meant that something was broken on my Passat!

Does that also mean that the rear doors automatically unlocking after I've activating the central locking from inside the car is just another "design feature"?!!!
Well Done VW - IanJohnson
Used to drive me mad on the Passat, to reverse off MIL's drive I would turn the RH mirror down to watch the edge of the neighbour's lawn (curved) and the passenger mirror would obligingly move down as well so I couldn't see the wall I was trying to avoid at the other side of the car!
Well Done VW - Xileno {P}
This seems a completely daft feature to me.
Well Done VW - mss1tw
Me too. I have never ever wanted to move both mirrors the same way.
Well Done VW - rtj70
I always assumed on my VWs it was when someone else also drove the car you could adjust both mirrors at once. Different sized driver meant different seat position (inluding height). When you moved your driver side mirror the same adjustments are made to the passenger side. I'd have thought whatever adjustments to the driver's mirror that were needed you would make to the passenger.

Whilst reversing near kerb, switch to passenger side and only that one adjusted.
Well Done VW - aahbarnes
Me too. I have never ever wanted to move both mirrors
the same way.

But they don't move the same way.
Well Done VW - Dynamic Dave
This seems a completely daft feature to me.

I agree. The Vectra-C's from around mid 2004 also have this feature. Fortunately my Vectra-C is slightly older and therefore escaped this "upgrade".
Well Done VW - mare
I had it my old W reg Octavia. I liked it, not that i used it much. Made sense to me.
Well Done VW - andymc {P}
Yup, I find it handy - they move up and down together, in and out together (rather than left and right) - means that when swapping drivers it's quicker to get them back how you want them. Can also be handy for reverse parking in a tight spot or making sure you're close enough to the kerb (oops, does everyone on here park perfectly every time? Am I the only one who's less than perfect?!?)
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Well Done VW - Stuartli
I'd also find it incredibly annoying. Because of the position the driver sits in a vehicle, the left hand mirror requires a different setting to the driver's side.

My 2000MY Bora has the facility to close or open the windows using the key in either front door or the boot lid before locking the vehicle with a further turn.
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Well Done VW - Victorbox
"Yes, you can do this with either the Key in the lock" .... Nothing new there then. Vauxhalls were doing this from about 1988.
Well Done VW - JohnX
Thanks for posting that TVM, just discovered that my Passat has it as well!
Wouldnt have realised it otherwise!
Well Done VW - JohnM{P}
On my GolfV (with highline computer) you can set yourself whether to have synchronised wing mirror movements or not. I've found synchro mode a good idea since my '97 Passat - if someone is dazzling you from behind you can dip (then undip) both mirrors easily .

(Other features that people love or loathe that can be set via the computer include automatic doorlocking/unlocking when starting/stopping and choice of remote locking/unlocking of all or just driver's door)
Well Done VW - robcars
Progress ! Advancing backwards more like.

There are times when you want mirrors to move individually. More often then you would want them to move the same.

Personally cant see any benefit to it at all!
Well Done VW - bell boy
i must be living in the past as well...........
i have a car that when you start it up all the doors lock and when you turn it off they unlock......?
well i dont like it at all ...........
Well Done VW - JohnM{P}
The autolocking works when you first exceed 10mph or so. My Laguna II had the same option. If you live in a dodgy part of a large city, you may consider this a worthwhile security feature. The Golf has the added option to unlock or not the doors automatically when you come to a halt.
You may not like this idea - that's why it is an option, but buried in the computer interface.
Well Done VW - Altea Ego
Its buried so far into the computer interface on mine that the dealer needs to plug in his computer to find it.
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