1999 Astra G - no ECU code! Help.... - barchettaman
The garage plugged in a diagnostic tool to my Astra today to see what was going on with the alarm system.
It´s a ´99 1.8 CDX Astra Estate.
As far as I could understand the nice German mechanic, his machine required the ECU code unique to the car before he could ´get in´ to the system and start checking stuff.
This apparently comes on a card...which I don´t have in the car document wallet. Grrr.
Now, is there a ´default´ code that will bypass this problem, like a master key, and get into the system? Or is there another way round it?
Any ideas very much appreciated.
1999 Astra G - no ECU code! Help.... - John S
I guess this isn't a Vx/Opel dealer. The ECU code is available from any Vx dealer. Every new car is supplied with a 'Car pass' which contains the ECU Code, radio code, key number etc. A replacement pass can be obtained from Vauxhall - costs a tenner or so. The ECU code is needed, for example, to programme new keys to the system, or download new software, but I didn't think it was needed just for a diagnostic code read. Ceratinly wasn't on my old vectra ('96), but maybe things have changed. Whatever, the code is easily available.

1999 Astra G - no ECU code! Help.... - barchettaman
Cheers John. I have rung the original dealership who helpfully had the codes on file. Nice people too - CD Bramhall in Wolverhampton (altho´ they´re called something different now).
Haven´t heard the ´black countrei´ accent in a while...

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