Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Pootle
Hi All,

Wondered if anyone can shed any light on this before I take it in the the Mazda dealers (ugh)?

I've got a 99/T Mazda 323 which is making a slight knocking noise on braking at low speed (between around 10mph until the car comes to a stop). It seems to be coming from the front and makes a duh-duh-duh-duh sound (the sound is consistent and even, the noises are evenly spaced). The car doesn't have ABS, I got the brake pads (not discs) changed by Mazda last October. I've checked the tyres for stones etc., so I don't think it's anything caught in a tyre.

Would wearing brake discs (I'm assuming it's not the pads as they're quite new) be the likely culprit? I was under the impression that if the brakes were on their way out, I'd hear a squeaking sound rather than a knocking noise).

I'd appreciate any ideas - I know it's very difficult to diagnose something like this without seeing it/hearing it yourself, I just wanted to get a good idea of potential problems before taking it into the garage...


Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Mazda Owner

I have a 2001 Mazda 323 and there's also a knocking when braking, but only when the car's been standing in the sun and then only from the rear.

I had the same problem last year and at its annual service I explained to the dealer there was a problem with the brakes knocking. They informed me that the braking components would be cleaned during the service. When the car was returned the brakes stopped making the noise on braking.

So, whether it's a case of needing a clean or some lubrication I don't know. It's not wear and tear in my case because the car hasn't even covered 30k yet!

But in my case, I think it's the rear brakes where the noise is coming from.

But, back in late 1990's I did have problem with noise on the front discs (another Mazda 323) and it was caused by excessive runout (I think) on the front discs - that was a consistent noise and sounded slightly muffled.

Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Jonathan {p}
Pootle and MO,

I would be extremely grateful if you could tell me what remote fobs you have for your cars. I have a 2000W 323 diesel without a keyless entry fob and am trying to source one from somewhere except mazda. The KPU code on the reverse is the bit I need.

Many Thanks

Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Mazda Owner
My remote entry fob states:

Naldec model no. 41601

That was the fob that was originally supplied with the car nearly 5 years ago.

Hope that helps! MazdaOwner
Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Jonathan {p}
Many Thanks MO

Does anyone else have a 323 from 98-03 and if so could you tell me the remote model number. All gratefully received

Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Pootle
I'm sorry, I can't tell you about the keyfob - don't have remote central locking - mine's the 1.3 basic model.

I went to get the Mazda dealers to check it out - it needs new discs on the front - it's done a touch over 60k, so it's due for them. Mazda are really expensive, though - £220 for the front discs, fitted + VAT, so am going to take it elsewhere.

Thanks for all the help!
Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Pete M
Is it possible or cheaper to have the discs skimmed on the car? This service is available here (in New Zealand) from mobile (man in a van) operators that just mount a jig onto the hub and grind both sides of the disc at the same time. If there is enough thickness left in the discs for skimming, only a very small amount needs to be taken off to solve the problem.

Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - Pootle
Thanks Pete M, the mechanic at Mazda suggested this, but he thought they'd worn too much and needed new once he'd had a good look at them... I think I've just got to bite the bullet on this one!
Mazda 323 - Knocking sound on braking - LinuxGeek
Mine's V plate 1.5GXi
Its Visteion model no. 41601
Here's a question for you. Is it possible to have another remote key fob? Me and my Mrs we both drive the car so I would rather have our own key fobs. If its possible where would i be able to find out and how much is it? Also is it easy to programme it with the car without losing the connectivity on the other one?

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