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Hi all

Re: Pug 406 Exec 2.0L Petrol Turbo

Just some advice really... my Pug's temperature is usually around 70-80 degrees but during the past month or so, whilst we are being blessed with slightly nicer weather, the temperature increases to nearer 90degrees when in slow traffic and up to 100 degrees when stationary. When I get back up to speed the temperature falls back to 70-80 degrees.

Luckily the fan switches on at around 100 degrees and cools the water back to 90 degrees and saves the day... but then it re-increases to 100 and the cycle repeats itself. It has also got as high at 105 and I started to panic!

All my previous cars have been Fiestas and this was never a problem. Is this to be expected with bigger engines that have power steering, air con and the like?

I've just got home from work and will check the water level in the expansion tank later tonight... problem is the container is black and you can't see the water level! D'oh!

Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!

Pug 406 - Overheating or just me? - Frogeye
You should be able to see the water level. There is a bar to which you fill up to. If you cannot see the water maybe none is there!
Pug 406 - Overheating or just me? - mrbeginner
what i do with my peugoet when it gets hot is i put my air-con on because my car has 2 fans so this rapidly cools the engine temperature down when stuck in a traffic jam
also i was advised by my garage that the fans on hthese cars dont come on till its above 90 anyway so i dont think theres anything to worry about
Pug 406 - Overheating or just me? - LeePower
This 406 should have a pair of fans with 2 speeds, They should always run as a PAIR!

Low speed should cut in first when the temp gets to approx 90 deg C & if the temp creeps up to around 95 deg C the high speed should kick in to cool the engine.

If the aircon is switched on the low speed should run all the time that the aircon compressor is also running ( both fans should cut in & out in time with the air con compressor )

The running temp of this engine should be around 85 deg C in normal driving.

The thing with this set up is sometimes one of the 3 control relays or even the Bitron control unit ( controls the under bonnet part of the aircon, radiator cooling fans, high temp warning light & will also put on the STOP warning light ) gets a dodgy connection & the system wont work correctly.

I would check both fans are cutting in & that both fan speeds are working, Have a look through the bottom grill on the front bumper to see the fans in action.

Pug 406 - Overheating or just me? - Fiesta Fanatic
Thanks for all the replies guys, its really appreciated. It seems as if I may have been a little oversensitive re: the "overheating".

I will check to make sure the fans come on tomorrow.


The water level was perfect :D
Pug 406 - Overheating or just me? - Simon
It sounds like it is functioning more or less correctly to me. With the current weather conditions it is to be expected that the car may run a little 'hotter'.

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