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Hi all,

My GF's 2000V BMW 318Ci flashed warning lights a couple of days ago (ABS, TC and brake- manual says be cautious, but can keep driving). GF worried- books into local indy for a check tomorrow (sat). Check fluid- all ok. Lights have not re-appeared. Do we go for the check, or can this be put down to a ghost in the machine? Reluctant to turn up for the mechanic to say he (she?) can't find anything wrong, that'll be £100 please for pluggin in his (her?) machine.

Any opinions? My default position is- if there was a problem, the lights would stay on. So, wait until that happens. On the other hand, I don't want the GF at risk. The drive of the car (inc brakes) hasn't changed.

All advice welcomed!



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warning lights: crying wolf? - adverse camber
Cant help but you might want to keep an eye on the Ross Tech web site. They are the people who make VAG-COM which does full vw/audi diagnostics through your PC. They are developing a bmw/mini version of their software to be called BIM-COM. For a couple of hundred quid it will be well worth getting to save on diagnostic costs.

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