Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Ordinman
My Saab 9-5 needs new rear dampers ( Shock Absorbers )
ATS quote me £110 to replace them ( inc VAT & Labour )
Saab wanted £500 to do the same thing.
Surely ATS's dampers ( Autoline ? ) are not cowboy parts, and what could be so good about the Saab parts that warrants the extra cost?
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Xileno {P}
At this price they must be self leveling ones.
Are the ATS ones the same spec?
Make sure you're comparing like with like.
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Ordinman

Apart from self-leveling can you point me to any web site which describes the different qualities of dampers? What else should I look for ?
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have never looked at the dampers on my partner's SAAB 9-3 but I'd bet money that SAAB don't make them - they buy them in from someone else I would think. You should be able to buy them from somewhere. The Saab supplied ones will come in a fancy box with their logo on them and a SAAB part no and they will probably be the same ones as whatever GM car the Saab is based on ie some sort of Vauxhall!
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - 659FBE
I run a pre-GM SAAB. When I finally replace it, GM will not get any of my money.

Concerning dampers, I remember seeing a GM SAAB and a GM Vectra parked side by side in a split level multistorey car park. Both cars were virtually new, and the levels were such that a good view of the rear underside of each car could be had as one walked past on the slightly lower level.

Not only were the rear suspension assemblies identical, but the little coloured disks of papaer stuck to each damper tube (no doubt for factory identification) were also identical.

Do your homework, and buy dampers for your application from a reputable supplier. My SAAB has Bilstein fitted - all are original from new. GM would not have used such expensive components.

Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Armitage Shanks {p}
These people may be useful
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Victorbox
If your Saab is lucky enough to be related to a Vauxhall you could try Autovaux
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - Hamsafar
I'd go to Eurocarparts,com, or GSF as above, they will do OE ones which will probably be SACHS/BOGE/Lemforder, and get a tyre/exhaust/suspension type place to fit them for about £10-15 cash each.
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - cheddar
The 9-5 is based on the floor plan of the '95 to '02 Vectra however IIRC the suspension components are very different, worth checking though. Likewise the '93 to '02 900/9-3 is based on the floor plan of the '88 to '95 Cavalier though again I think there is little in common in component terms.

On the other hand the '02 on Vectra and 9-3 are almost identical in respect of running gear.
Genuine Saab Dampers vs. Generic - MW
If you are any good at DIY this might be a very simple job. On my old SAAB 900 replacing the front dampers was, one top bolt, and one bottom bolt. Total job 45 minutes and then about £45. Check what's involved and get the bits from German and Swedish or Euro Car Parts. For this type of damper their prices will be first rate, and the quality tops.

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