Volvo S70 TDi Auto - as003
Can anyone give me advise on a 96/97 Volvo S70 TDI auto? Saloon.
Any reliablilty issues? Common or known faults to look for? How about MPG figures? I would appreciate if anyone can give me some knowledge of this particular car.

Volvo S70 TDi Auto - Xileno {P}
The Car-by-Car Breakdown may give you some answers.
Volvo S70 TDi Auto - adverse camber
Engine is the old vw 5 cylinder 140bhp, its OK, but can be a bit smokey -lots of people blank off the egr whuch is said to help - not tried it myself. Front drop links go quite regularly on S/V70. £60 from volvo or £20+ web order.
The drivers side window switch is common failure and costs nigh on £100 mail order or dealer.
Mafs go ~ £100
pump timing belt every 40K, timimg belt at 80K, worht doing water pump at the same time.

I get low 40's mpg from a V70tdi.

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