travelling tonight - johnny
Southampton to Goole tonight, leaving 15:45 , heading M3 A34 A43 M1 M18. Where are the major holdups likely to be ? I assume things will have quietened down by the time I get to Notts / S Yorks.
Normally I do this run on a Saturday morning and it takes just over four hours. Is it worth taking an hour out at the worst time to feed the family?
travelling tonight - Altea Ego
OOO Friday before a Bank holiday Monday?

Yes take your time, stop and feed the wife and kids along the way.
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travelling tonight - local yokel
You'll find the A34 past Didcot, Abingdon and Oxford to be trying, at best.
travelling tonight - Statistical outlier
There's no simple to describe diversion around that part either. In particular, it's very questionable if going round the side coming up to the M30 on the A34 stretch is worth it - I'm never convinced.

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