Mazda 2? - beavis2003
Currently parents considering a one year old model available for less than £6k with low miles. Read the road test here and comes out well, anyone else has thoughts on the model?

Seems a bit of a Honda Jazz type of car, good space and flexibility. Model being considered is 1.4 model.
Mazda 2? - turbo11
Had a new(200 miles on the clock) 1.4 mazda2 for two days last week as a loan car.Verdict;Easy to get comfortable,lots of room,especially headroom.good steering and ride(on the firm side).Also the economy seemed reasonable.I live in a rural area,and the car was good fun on twisty country roads.My only dislike was an annoying squeek,and quite a lot of road/tyre noise on the motorway/dual carriageway.For £6K,I think at that price is seriously worth considering.
Mazda 2? - Smileyman
Wife has a Mazda 2, purchased new 2 years ago. Only driven 12k miles, but no problems, likes it very much. Excellent rear seat access for her elderly mother as the doors open very wide, she was unable to get into the back of all other similar sized cars. Ride is firm but not uncomfortable, not sure on economy as car is filled with £15 worth of petrol every now and again. No squeeks or rattles, but I am very unhappy with dipped beam headlamp performance on unlit roads, but wife drives in town.
Mazda 2? - Harmattan
Spend £20 or so on uprated bulbs and you might be pleasantly surprised. I had a similar problem with a Citroen whereby on dipped the light from oncoming traffic was 'swamping' the light from my dipped headlights. I bought a pair of Osram bulbs billed as being for use in rainy weather and the difference was very marked. I could immediately see the side of the road in front and beyond the oncoming car much better. No doubt something to do with wavelength of the light etc.

Always liked the Mazda 2 for its in-between size and would imagine it is a worthwhile buy.
Mazda 2? - beavis2003
Thanks for the replies so far, very useful info. Sounds quite positive from what I've read so far so might be the car for them!

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