Update on Supermarket fuel - wemyss
My son in law is back driving Texaco fuel tankers on nights after two years on car transporters.
I asked him recently if Supermarkets had additives put in their fuel. His first response was no, they didn?t the last time he was working on tankers . But he said he would have to find out the current situation as he personally didn?t deliver to them and all his deliveries were to garages such as Texaco. He would ask one of the supermarket tankers who load out of his depot.
He also explained that when given an order number nowadays you punch this into some device at the loading bay and you know that additives are being injected into the fuel tanker by certain coloured lights on a panel which indicates diesel, petrol, grade etc. and additives. In effect the order number dictates what is being fed into the tanker.
Yesterday he told me that he had asked one of the supermarket tanker drivers waiting to load (I won?t mention the supermarket name) whether additives went into their fuel.
The drivers reply was ?Its funny you asking this question because its not constant. When we load out of your depot additives are put in. When we load out of another there are no additives injected.? ( I may have this the wrong way round but makes no difference) ?We know this because of the indicator lamps.?
He could give no explanation as to why and son in law speculated that it could perhaps be because they didn?t have a additive tank for that particular company on their site whereas Shell and Texaco do which are separate ones. Or perhaps one Supermarket does and another not?.
So the only definitive is that Shell, BP, Texaco each have their own specific additives in their fuel. And it appears that supermarket fuel may or may not have any.
The drivers have no knowledge of additives put into their tankers and only know if is being injected or not. (Not that they are really interested.)
In case anyone thinks that it depends on the tanker livery they see delivering to their supermarket this makes no difference. Even the main players such as Shell and Texaco don?t have their own fleet and the tanker delivers the fuel specified by the customer.
Incidentally he tells me that deliveries to haulage companies with their own fuel tanks don?t have additives.

Update on Supermarket fuel - Aretas
Thanks for that. Most interesting.
Update on Supermarket fuel - Dynamic Dave
Most interesting.

Is is indeed, but it still won't put me off buying supermarket fuel though ;o)
Update on Supermarket fuel - Altea Ego
Funny thing is

The Ran runs far worse on Texaco diesel than anything else. It has a distinct shudder between 1,800 and 2,100 revs, and idles with a slight miss.

Happens every time on a Tank of Texaco. Its now banned from Ran use.
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Update on Supermarket fuel - charlesb
It's funny how different peoples experiences are. My Touran ran well on Texaco.

However I'm finding that Murco is quite good for economy, with reasonable performance, and keen pricing too.

What I find hard to understand is that for each of the fuels they have to provide a Material Data sheet (HSE COSHH requirement)

here's the one for Murco's diesel, not the may include clause for additives...

VW Bora (51) 2.0 SE
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Update on Supermarket fuel - charlesb
For those who can't wait for the PDF here's the relevant text

Complex mixtures of distillate hydrocarbons mainly paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic in
the range C10-C28. Catalytically and thermally cracked hydrocarbons may be present.
Included may be small concentrations of cetane number improvers (organic nitrates), flow
improvers (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers), a lubricity additive (long-chain ester),
silicone anti-foam additives and HM C&E markers/dye. These additives do not contribute
any additional hazard.
VW Bora (51) 2.0 SE
VW Touran (54) 1.9 TDI
Update on Supermarket fuel - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I always look for at least 43 mpg on way to work and 50 mpg on way home according to Passat computer. Usually Total diesel but filled up with Tesco stuff last week. Immediately consumption is up by 3 mpg or so for both journeys. Lesson learned.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Update on Supermarket fuel - Altea Ego
Perhaps its where I buy the Texaco then. Its been the same station each time.

Its currently running on a tank of BP.
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