Key card re-programming - yelnos
Both of my keys have ceased to lock the car (they both open it - at least for now). Can they be mended by splitting the cards or would this ruin them? Is there a Midlands Renault dealer who won't rip me off to sell and code a new one?

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Laguna key card - Rlaguna
A cheaper alternative is to get your Key card repaired.

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Laguna key card - blue_haddock
I wouldn't fancy splitting them and attempting to salvage one of them. I think a new keycard is about £80.
Laguna key card - Altea Ego
If both failed with the same fault at the same time then it sounds like a car/recoding issue that wont need new cards. If they both failed with a big gap between they might need new cards (the buttons go TU)

Dont be tempted with second hand ones on ebay - you cant recode a card from one car to another
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Laguna key card - Armitage Shanks {p}
This might help or give you a contact that can
Laguna key card - Altea Ego
That web link - the lagubna two they mention is in fact the laguna 1 facelift, not a goona with cards....
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Laguna key card - yelnos
Thanks. I don't fancy splitting one either but I'm hoping someone may have successfully done so. They want an additional £40 to code the new £80 key.
Laguna key card - Simon
Sorry to hijack this thread but I have witnessed quite a scary phenomenon to do with these Renault key cards the other week.

Basically, sitting on the drive at home is a 52 plate new style Laguna that has the key card entry/ignition system. It all works fine, no problems whatsoever. Then a relative turns up with his new 06 reg Megane that also has the key card entry/ignition system and parks it next to the Laguna. It transpires that when the Megane key card is pressed to unlock/lock the doors it operates both cars locking system simultaneously. But if you try the same with the Laguna key card it will only operate the Laguna. The key cards were tried in each others ignition slot and neither would start the 'others' car, but the Megane key card still continued to unlock/lock both cars.

I resolved the situation by pressing the lock button on the Lagunas key card 20 times in quick succession to roll the code on or whatever, but however it happened this trick worked and the Megane key card then only operated its 'own' car.

I thought in this day and age the idea of the same key being able to open two different cars was long gone but it seems not. Or were we just really lucky (or unlucky, however you want to look at it)? Any thoughts on this?
Laguna key card - Rlaguna
A cheaper alternative is to get your Key card repaired.
Laguna key card - bell boy
ball park figure
Laguna key card - Collos25
Firstly the cards have to be ordered from the factory with the vehicle details I just paid 105 euros for one extra if you want the manual key as well. Anything of ebay is a complete waste of money unless somebody can 100%prove me wong,secondly you cannot split them I have tried , the opening or closing problem is the tiny switch under the membrane the legs break off I have one in front of me now on my desk split in two never to go again.
Laguna key card - David Horn
I think this post from Rlaguna is actually a spam message.
Laguna key card - Love your Laguna
I think this post from Rlaguna is actually a spam message.

I have used and the service was excellent, card repaired and works fine all for £25. My card came back within 3 days of posting.

Laguna key card - poulse
yes you can split the card in two and repair them, as i done it with my card, the lock button would not work because the metal button inside the key and become desoldered from the circuit board so i solderded it back on and works fine, better than £100 odd pound for a new key, just have to be carefull when opening it up because you dont wont to damage the circuit board i used a dremel to split it open then just do the repair tidy up the edges and glue the key back together
Laguna key card - BobbyG
Well both the keycards for my Scenic went at the same time but after being totally cynical and disbelieving, it turned out that both their batteries had ceased to work literally within the same week!
Laguna key card - Collos25
I take it back about not being able to repair them. {Link to an item on ebay shortened - DD}

How good they are is anybodies guess
Laguna key card - neatlady
Hello poulse I have the same problem with both key cards for our Ranault Laguna 11, It will cost us £160 to replce 1! Can you help us do what you have done either we could send our key to you or if possible we could meet up and hopefully resolve the Key matter and we would be happy to remunerate you for your time. What do you think. Best wishes Neatlady
Laguna key card - Pugugly

I've e-mailed the OP for you - hasn't been around for a few years but who knows ?

Roberto Moderato
Laguna key card - yelnos
I started this thread a long time ago - 2006. I could hear something rattling loose inside, so in fear and desperation and with a lot of care, I used a razor blade and split both cards - taking care to work from the end furthest from the metal key and not going too far in. The plastic opened up enough for me to see what needed cutting at the more complicated key end without damaging any electrics.

As reported by Poulse, I took the loose microswitches to a tv repair man who resoldered them in place and then I glued the sides back together. They have needed re-gluing at times since, but both keys still work.

Hope this helps, Neatlady.
Laguna key card - Pugugly
Yelnos thanks a lot for your response after so long.
Laguna key card - wooky
Hi i have been reading this thread & had the problems with both my laguna keycards,i read as much as i could on repairing them myself,so i cut one open,which went well untill i sliced off some little tiny square parts from inside,disaster,after searching the net i found these people in london,who fixed the damage i did + repaired both keycards for little money compared to what renault wanted to charge me.So unless you are very handy with electronics & have microscopes for eyes ,be carefull attempting this repair,their details were,saying this there are quite a few people that have been succesfull with repairing them theirselves,they are obviousley much cleverer than me.Good luck people.
Laguna key card - autoremoteman
Hi, I specialise in repairing remote contols, if you have renault keycards with the buttons not working, I can repair them at a reasonable price. (£25.00 - 30.00 usually) I can also supply new "virgin" keycards, or, if you have a keycard which is used i.e. from another Renault car, I can virginise it so that it can be programmed to your vehicle by a local locksmith with the correct equipment.
Laguna key card - ciocan

i have a keycard wich is used from another renault car.can be programmed to my vehicle ? My contact No is 07846418353

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - richiek67

I have, well my wife has, a scenic 2004. The fist keycard went, not seen when put into the card reader on the dash. We should have got this repaired but we dident bother. We had a spare and it went last friday. The error you get is 'card not detected' on the dash. I looked up some other renault forums to see that a place called

fixes these things for about 30stg. Renault in liffey vally in dublin told be it could be 10 days or longer, joke. and 200euro. rip off. These guys seem good, i see a lot of good reports from them.

I'm interested to know how these card keys work actually. What part goes in them. They dont need batteries in them to be recogonised so how does it do it?



Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - Collos25

Used to be firmon ebay I have used very good,but they only repair not reprogramme,if the actual programming chip is damaged I think you will be going to a Renault main agents.The code for the cards is held in the ECU of the car if the repairer has not got this he cannot reprogram the card.Normally its just the door opening/closing chip that goes just requires a dropof soldier.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - windywalney

To be fair to any Renault main dealer when they order a keycard it has to come from France direct and they have no control over the length of time it takes to be coded and sent to them. Once they have the key it has to be configured with the Renault diagnostic equipment to sycronise it to the rolling code which is held in the UCH 'body control unit' which takes a good tech on a good day at least 30 mins to do. And make sure that he has all your keys when they are programmed as it deletes any keys off the system when new ones are programed.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - Asgard

Can anybody help. I have a renault 2002 Laguna II. One key was damaged when I bought the car so I had it repaired, but it does not work in the car, I don't think it worked before the repair. If I have the key re-programmed will it work? I am not sure if it belonged to another car before, perhaps this is why it does not work...but the emergency key opens the car door manually. I do not want to fork out £40 to Renault if it cannot be reprogrammed, it will also cost me this much just to test if they can re-programme the card! There is no 'card not detected' message, the dash board does not come on with the key card.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - Collos25

The opening and closing chips pack in and these can be replaced but if it will not operate the car then the only solution is to buy a new one from Renault.Things may have changed in the last couple of years but I no of no shortcuts unfortuneatly.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - sonsandcars

The chip used in these keys is called a PROM (programmable read only memory).Bascally, if your original card fails to lock/unlock, this is probably repairable by carefully cutting open the case and replacing the micro-minature push buttons, but, you CANNOT re-program any other card to work with your car.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - Collos25

Is that not what I and countless others have already said.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - jugsy5

i used, they repaired the "card not detected", out new covers on, programmed a key i got from Ebay from another megane and cut an emergancy key for £125. they simply fit a new chip to the used card, from the calls i had with most others it seems like they just want to sell you a new for the best part of £200, if only they could solder.

Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - Collos25

Only the lock and unlock chip thats a 10minute job to replace they break their connecting legs through use costs a few pence to repair, but the ECU chip if it is damaged is a new card from Renault.

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Renault Scenic 2004 key card 'Card not detected' - slowlane2012

I ordered 2 new keys for my laguna and paid up front. When they have tried to configure they have said the card reader in the car is not working and so they can't code the keys and have advised I need a new card reader costing over £300.

ANy advise why this would be if the card reader can still read my old keys? Is there any other option such as swopping in a reader from another car to program the cards then swopping back to the original reader?

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