Vito 110cdi Pre Glow Light Stays on?? - skeetsk9gang

I've just got my van back from a garage where it had new pads & discs fitted. They informed me that they had to use a sledge hammer to remove the discs!!
As soon as I went to collect it, the pre glow light would not extinguish...
The van seems to be running fine, no loss of power etc.
Could this be linked to whacking the discs with a sledge hammer or just coincidence??

Also, any hints/ tips.. I rang merc & they said it would either be the cable, relay or the plugs. They then scared the living daylights out of me by saying that they have to warn me that the plugs can snap off & it would cost about £1000 if one did!!!

Normally, the light ignites immediately, but now there is about a 1 second delay. It also used to only take about 3 secs to go off, which makes me think the plugs are fine..

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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