brake fluid life! Honda Civic - lazza
Just been ringing around a few Honda dealers to find out how much a 37000 mile service is for my CIVIC TYPE-R, and very surprised to hear that this will be the first time that the brake fluid will be changed. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i understand that it should be changed no later than every 24 months(car is 30 months old). Last service was 6 months ago. No wonder the pedal is nearing the floor! I questioned this on the phone but every response was, 'that's in line with the schedule mate'!
brake fluid life! - Mike H
I have to say that I change mine every 24 months, although I can't say I notice a significant difference afterwards. I thought, as you do, that 24 months is the norm.
brake fluid life! - John S
Brake pedal nearing the floor is a warning, but not about needing a brake fluid change! This is a system fault and needs atention. Brake fluid collects moisture, and over time its boiling point drops, increasing the risk of brake fade. That's why it's changed. Even fluid with a high water content will operate normally except in extreme conditions.

Recommended change frequency varies with manufacturers and up to 3 or even 4 years is possible.

brake fluid life! - Dude - {P}

>>>Recommended change frequency varies with manufacturers and up to 3 or even 4 years is possible.>>>

With a high performance car like a Civic Type R, 4 yearly changes would be bordering on irresponsible and as already stated 24 months should be the optimum.!!!!
brake fluid life! - Civic8
No one has to rely on recomended fluid change,its your choice as to when its changed.

Doesnt account for pedal drop as mentioned and would get it looked at asap
brake fluid life! - Manatee
Being a gentle braker, unless I was traversing the Alps I wouldn't be worried about boiling the fluid, almost regardless of age - but it is said that changing the fluid is important to protect ABS pumps/valve blocks and I make sure mine is changed for this reason.

IIRC, brake fluid changing only started to feature as a regular maintenance item with the advent of ABS.
brake fluid life! - bbroomlea{P}
Just had mine replaced at local independant on rover 75 with DOT4 and they said it will last another 10 years - not going to leave it that long (4 at max) and only cost £55 with VAT on top.
brake fluid life! - L'escargot
If you asked for your car to be inspected by their service advisor at my previous Ford main dealer he would check the boiling point of the brake fluid in your presence and advise accordingly. Every time he said it was OK. The car still had the original brake fluid when I sold it at 5 years old.
brake fluid life! - pyruse
If you read the service schedules for most cars carefully, you will find that Brake Fluid changes only happen if the customer specifically requests them - they are not done unless you ask.
On most cars, it is supposed to be changed every 2 years.
brake fluid life! - lazza
Ok ok, thank you, all of you! I was just expressing my surprise at the response of the service depts. I know WHY brake fluid has to be changed and what happens if it isn't changed. Bye-bye!
brake fluid life! - Peter D
Some garages use a resistivity meter designed for hydraulic fluid. This reasures the conducivity of the fluid indicating what percentage of water has been obsorbed. At your last service they may well have checked this and found a low percentage so opted to leave this until a later service. The header tank obsorbs water first thus is a good early indicator of condition. Had you now had your brakes fixed and what did they change, front pads and discs and rear pads and a fluid change. ??? Regards Peter

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