Mondeo TDCI - air intake - Big Bird
Can anyone tell me where the air intake picks up. Tried to trace it back from the filter but the duct disappears behind a panel?Hollow on route to work prone to filling up with water so I'd rather be sure before plunging in.

Given how popular this car is in the BR someone must know?

Mondeo TDCI - air intake - cheddar
On my 2002 model it is fairly low down at the near side front, almost next to the left hand bottom corner of the radiator. Better to take care in deepish floods.
Mondeo TDCI - air intake - nottsruss
Air intake ,
last weekend I changed the fog light unit on my TDCI whish was quite awkward.To make it more simple I removed the black plastic cover plate which fits under the bumper spoiler back towards the sump , when feeling inside I came across this air intake and it is very low level under the radiator on the left hand side when standing at the front of the car , think it would need some force for water to travel up it though !!!

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