Corsa external temperature - John Foulkes
My '93 Corsa is no longer showing the external temperature on the radio display, it shows --.- ! I found the sensor at the front behind the number plate. It seems to have a dc resistance of about 30 ohms, but it was 70ohms at one point. It does not seem to chnage over even when I put it in the fridge.
I have also measured the voltageon the cable 4.5V so there does at least seem to be some connection back to the display.
Has anyone done similair tests? Do they think I am looking at a new sensor or is it something wrong with the display?
Any help or suggestions for further tests would be gratefully received.


Re: Corsa external temperature - Keith
New sensor normally sorts it
Re: Corsa external temperature - Dave N
If the resistance doesn't change with temperature, then it's knackered.
Re: Corsa external temperature - Marcus
SENSORS only cost about ten quid !

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