Am I right in thinking... - Olf
The amount of hatched areas on the road seems to be growing at an extraordinary rate?

I'm noticing this especially on faster, broader a roads where you used to be able to overtake with the complicity of oncoming traffic, now these roads are being tatooed along the middle with a 6 ft wide hatch instead of a single white line...

What with this and the sneaking erradication of the national speed limit on A Roads, replaced instead with a blanket 40mph limit.... we're all doomed. Might as well get that Toyota on order now.
Am I right in thinking... - daveyjp
A lot of this hatching is being installed on wider roads to allow dedicated right turn refuges to be installed and make drivers aware of hazards such as junctions. IMHO a good idea - getting hit by someone doing 60+ mph while waiting to turn right is no fun for either party. If the hatching is bounded by a pecked line you can still overtake.
Am I right in thinking... - Malcolm_L
Or even eradication!

There are some roads where the suicide lane was taken too literally, the old A5 north of Markyate for example.

Yes, I had noticed more road markings in general but I have to say if I thought it was safe to overtake before, then cross-hatching wouldn't stop me now.
I'm all for adding a little clarity so as to eliminate confusion and it's possible consequences but sometimes this isn't achieved.


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