bmw e46 touring rear wiper - mikert
While coming home on the motorway yesterday, my 2001, 320D touring's rear wiper & wash stopped working. The wiper arm is stuck in the vertical position and I can't see much behind me with this weather. I've checked fuses and contacts on rear lid, all ok. She's in for a service next week and I'd really like to get it fixed before having to pay bmw for the privelege. I've looked for relays but can't find them. Any help is very gratefully recieved. Mike.
bmw e46 touring rear wiper - Peter D
Check to see if there is any movement in the shaft that passes through the bush in the panel, if the is stuck it may has corroded up in the bush and seized. Regard Peter
bmw e46 touring rear wiper - Xileno {P}
You need to check wheter power is gettig through to the motor. If it is, then it sounds like it's had its day. There's no need to go to BMW for a new one, a good replacement from a BMW breakers will do.
bmw e46 touring rear wiper - cheddar
Strangely I was following two BMW 3 series tourings on the m/way a couple of days ago, both 03 plate IIRC, and I noticed that the wiper arms were in totally different positions as though one or other must have failed.
bmw e46 touring rear wiper - mikert
Thanks for your answer, but would both have seized at the same time do you think ( wiper AND washer pump)?

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