Fixed Penalty - NRT - boneseyboy
Out with the mother in law to the high street she says the shop she wants is off to the left which is good as its no right turn at the end we turn left she then says its the other way I do a U turn about 5 yards from the turning and promptly receive a fixed penalty for £50 for turning right.Should I fight it or just pay up?
Fixed Penalty - NRT - mss1tw
Should I fightit or just pay up?

I think you should put your asbestos suit on mate, is what I think.
Fixed Penalty - NRT - mountainkat
bang to rights - give the nice policemen some nice cash, just in time from christmas !!
Fixed Penalty - NRT - Pugugly {P}
Make her pay.
Fixed Penalty - NRT - Altea Ego
Being the MIL she did it on purpose
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Fixed Penalty - NRT - Mattster
Did the road have a 'No U-Turns' sign? If it didn't, you've broken no law. Even if it did, they're charging you with turning right, which isn't what you did, so the charge should be thrown out.

Not sure if there are any legal definitions of how far left you have to go before you have 'not turned right', this may prove crucial - you'd better research that if you decide to fight.

Is it an endorseable offence? If not, it would probably be cheaper (though unjust) to just pay the fine, unless you're absolutely certain you can win and receive back any costs incurred.
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Fixed Penalty - NRT - HisHonour
Fight it! It is my guess the penalty will be dropped.
Fixed Penalty - NRT - Dwight Van Driver
I am a bit confused by Boneseyboy's description.

Imagine a 'T' with B coming down the leg to the cross bar. No right turn when reaching the end and signed so. Turn left permitted which he does and then entering the leg to the left realises his mistake and does a U Turn on that road. This is not a right turn as the right leg has not been entered. No offence IMHO.

But why no right turn allowed? Could it be that the left turn road is a One Way Street and by U turning B is in contraflow? Or has he gone across the top bar into the right turn road in contravention of a No Entry.

Not sure which offence committed. A FPN will carry points for failing to conform to Traffic sign (if note on FPN that DL also required when payment made then FTC offence) or whether offence against a Traffic Order which may not carry points.


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