Golf CL rear fpg lights - islandman
I've just bought my daughter a 1994 1.4 Golf CL which is minus the hand book. 2 things - The rear light clusters obviously include fog lights but we can't find a switch for these. Someone's going to tell me there aren't any on this model but I thought they have been mandatory for years. Any ideas? Can't see any missing switches either!

Second - there are what look like fog or large side lights on the front fairly low down and again no switches -- I think these front ones may only be cosmetic as the side lights are contained within the headlights.

Sorry to be unclued on Golfs but this is the first one we've had.
Golf CL rear fpg lights - Xileno {P}
The foglights are operated by the headlight switch. This saves them getting left on since they cancel when you turn the headlights off.
Golf CL rear fpg lights - Adam {P}
I have no idea about VW lights but don't you turn them on by a dial? Have you tried pulling the dial out when they're on?

Golf CL rear fpg lights - Adam {P}
My hands are too cold hence my slow typing speed ;-)
Golf CL rear fpg lights - VR6
Fog lights:

Turn on headlights and then PULL the headlight knob switch out. If you have front fogs the first 'click' when pulled out will switch them on, the second will switch the rear ones on. If you dont have front fogs then you'll only have one pull out position on the switch.

Also, as its a CL i doubt it has front fogs. On cars without fogs there is a reflective blanking plate in leiu of the fogs. For info - the front towing eye hole is located behind this blanking plate on the drivers side next to the indicator.
Golf CL rear fpg lights - islandman
Thanks all - I'll give this a go when I get home
Golf CL rear fpg lights - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Correct regarding the rear fog lights. Same system on curent models.
My Mark 3 Golf GL had the fake blanking covers cum fog lights.
Fog lights were an option even on GL and one cover concealed the tow loop or socket for one IIRC.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.

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