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Dear All,

I have a Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3ltr V6 2002 registration, the long and the short of it is that it won't start.

The detail is that there's plenty of petrol but the gauge is reading zero, the engine turns over and when fuel is squirted into the air intake it starts but then immediatly stops, the plugs are dry.

Is it possible with modern engines that if the sender unit fails, it sends a signal to the fuel pump not to pump fuel 'cos it thinks that there isn't any and consequently no fuel, even when there is stuff in the tank isn't pumped hence the dry plugs.

Has anyone got any other bright ideas, any help would be most appreciated

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Chrysler Grand Voyager that won't start - Bill Payer
That *might* be happening. I read a road-test of the new Diesel S Type Jag where exactly that occured. I don't know if the fact that it was diesel is significant. The engine was protecting itself (and the catalyst, presumeably) from being allowed to run out of fuel.
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Most modern diesels (common rail) turn off the pump before it runs dry to protect the fuel system but by then the low fuel light will have been on for some time.
Chrysler Grand Voyager that won't start - Aprilia
I am not familiar with this engine but obviously the sparks and engine management are working otherwise it wouldn't run at all. You have a lack of fuel pressure. I would hazard a guess at failure of the fuel pump relay or (depending on how the system in wired) a lack of feed to the fuel pump (which may be shared with feed to the gauge sender).
Chrysler Grand Voyager that won't start - phatboyroy

see my report HJ back room > tech matters > select voyager dated 13 Aug 2011

it may be that,

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