citroen AX - head gasket leaking - sw_mina
Hi - need advice!

Recently, my L-reg AX overheated after the water pipe to the radiator burst. It was rapid and quite spectacular - oil coming out and burning, lots of smoke. But - we the head gasket seemed okay and we replaced the water pipe, and she ran fine for about a fortnight. Then, the overheating light starting coming on again, although there was plenty of water in the system. About a week later, the heater stopped blowing hot air, and finally, a couple of days ago the overheating light came on and stayed on, so I called out a mechanic. He smelt the water in the radiator and declared the head gasket had gone (I smelt it - it smelt 'smoky'). He told me it would be £300 to change or skin the head gasket, although there was a chance it had been so overheated it would be 'too warped'.

Now, I know very little about cars, so I just wanted to ask - does his diagnosis seem reasonable, and is the price for fixing it reasonable? Is it worth doing? The rest of the machine is very tidy - just had new brake pads and tires on it, new exhaust last year, and she still does a fab 55 to the gallon. But she has just passed 100,000 miles, so....


citroen AX - head gasket leaking - dieselnut
From your description I would say your mechanic was spot on.
The pressure from the leaking head gasket probably blew the top hose.
As to whether this is an economical repair, that is debatable.
If your mechanic can do the job for £300 inclusive, it might be better to run with something you know the strength of. It sounds like you will get another year at least without further expense.
I bought a tidy K reg diesel off Ebay for my son earlier this year for £105, but you could also buy a duffer.
citroen AX - head gasket leaking - sw_mina
Well, I would normally have considered just scrapping her, but my Dad, who knows a thing or two about motors, is miles away, and I'm not confident about buying a car without him.

Do you think there's much chance they'll get £100 in and find it's not fixable?
citroen AX - head gasket leaking - dieselnut
Could be the case if it turns out it's not the HG but more serious. But these engines are notorious for a fragile HG.
As long as you didn't cook the head for too long after it failed & warped it beyond a skim.

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