South of England meet - Avant
Just a reminder to anyone who's coming along tomorrow (Wednesday, so today for most who read this!)

7.30 pm at The Wheatsheaf, which is technically in Dummer but just a stone's throw from J7 of the M3:

Come off M3 at J7 and head for the bright lights of Basingstoke.
At traffic lights, turn off to the left.

Stay on this road, pass a garden centre, a not so nice pub called the Golden Sun which has a lifesize plastic horse in the garden, and eventually you will come to the Wheatsheaf on your right. It's a dodgy turn in/out and it's attached to a travel inn, but don't let that put you off.

I have a silver-grey 04-reg A4 Avant which I'll be in or beside at 7.30, to aid recognition.

Hope to see some of you then.

South of England meet - SjB {P}
Thanks for the reminder; if I can get away from a meeting in Oxford in time to get home and pick up the Hornet for a ride out (looks like being the last good evening for a while), I'll be there.

The above instructions are pretty clear, but for those who prefer a map:
South of England meet - spikeyhead {p}
I'll try and get there.
I read often, only post occasionally
South of England meet - PoloGirl
Well I was there... with only my other half for company!

To be fair, I did text Avant and tell him I probably wasn't going to make it, and I didn't get there til 8:30 because we had a potential crisis at work I had to wait and see if it developed into a full blown crisis... but I was there!

I couldn't see anyone else who looked like they belonged in an internet forum, although there was a tall bloke in a red coat who walked round and round the pub about six times. We ended up just having a drink by ourselves (me and the other half, not me and the tall bloke).

Were the rest of you there?

South of England meet - smokie
I wasn't, sorry! First I knew of it was Avant's post late last night...
South of England meet - SjB {P}
I was there too, and so was David, AKA Avant from 19:30 until about 21:20. He said that you had contacted each other and that you were unable to come, so sorry that we didn't meet given that you did!

If you saw the Blue Honda Hornet motorbike parked up by the archway entrance, that was mine and Avant's silver Avant was the very first car in the car park adjacent to the main road. David and I were sat in the restaurant section next to the bar. Jolly fine the sirloin steak was too!

David - thanks for organizing the meet even if it was just thee and me who found each other; It was good to make acquaintance and the 90 minute ride there and a little quicker coming back was fun too.

Until next time All, cheerio!

South of England meet - blue_haddock
You southern lot couldn't organise a drinking session in a brewery!
South of England meet - JohnM{P}
Er, I was the guy in the red coat... Arrived at 8.30 after a much longer day at the office than expected. Considered going from table to table asking 'Are you the Backroomers?', but decided that that could be misconstrued!(Bar staff had already given me a funny look when I'd asked if they knew who the Backroomers were!). I was annoyed with myself for forgetting to bring an HJ hat as a clue...

(As it turned out, a call on the batphone on the way back meant it was good job I didn't stay). Sorry to miss you, until the next time!
South of England meet - cheddar
I did suggest having it a bit further west.
South of England meet - Adam {P}
I think next time, for any meets, there should be a clear arrangement such as "We'll be at the table by the door" or something like that.

The "waiting in the carpark idea" worked for us but if not everyone's going to turn up, you're going to be a bit stuffed stood there!

It's a shame that a few of you were there and never reaslied it. Oh well - there's always next time.
South of England meet - J Bonington Jagworth
You need to take HJ with you...
South of England meet - Adam {P}
Or put your photos on the HJ MSN site...

South of England meet - Bromptonaut
Avoiding football internationals and the like might be another tip?
South of England meet - SjB {P}
Avoiding football internationals and the like might be another tip?

I didn't organise it but truly, "Huh?"

1) What international?
2) No interest in footie so would never even have crossed my mind.
3) You mean the season has started before summer's even over? Strewth!

South of England meet - blue_haddock
I think next time, for any meets, there should be a
clear arrangement such as "We'll be at the table by the
door" or something like that.

If found you lot without a problem - ok you were all standing by a rather distinctive ford focus.......
South of England meet - SjB {P}
Sorry to have missed you JohnM.
Indeed, next time!

Before I left home though I took a look at Avant's profile, and because it wasn't hidden learned his name. My thinking was to avoid having to ask the Backroom question! In the event we met by his car bank on 19:30 where we waited until 19:45 before going inside.
South of England meet - Avant
Thanks Steve - you and I can at least organise you know what in a brewery! Very nice to meet you too - a good meal together and I'm glad I came!

As you say, we waited by my car till 7.45 which we thought was reasonable - then hunger and thirst got the better of us!

Quite simple if we ever do it again - I can ask people to E-mail me if they're intending to come and then give them my mobile number in case they come late.

Maybe try again in the spring.....
South of England meet - Dynamic Dave
Had it been in the original location (East Ilsley) I might have been there.
South of England meet - THe Growler
As a founder member of last year's Ace Cafe meeting, may I wish everyone a pleasant afternoon. Would like to make it again but it's raining cats and dogs here, I've used up all m y KLM flyer points, the weather is warm, the beer is cold, and the women are....well....beautiful. Did I mention that before?

South of England meet - Adam {P}
Once or twice ;-)

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